7-year-old boy in Georgia died ‘from COVID-19’? Media leaving out key details

Source: American Thinker.

Since first hearing this story last night, I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Media in general have become so unreliable, so duplicitous, that it is now standard procedure to wait for the headline in one news cycle to be disproved in the next.

10 thoughts on “7-year-old boy in Georgia died ‘from COVID-19’? Media leaving out key details

  1. The AT author wrote that he never heard of coronavirus causing seizures.

    “Coronaviruses have been associated with neurological manifestations in patients with respiratory tract infections [2]. Neurotropic and neuroinvasive capabilities of coronaviruses have been described in humans. Upon nasal infection, coronavirus enters the central nervous system (CNS) through the olfactory bulb, causing inflammation and demyelination. Once the infection is set, the virus can reach the whole brain and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in less than seven days [2]. Neurological problems found in patients with coronavirus infection include: febrile seizures, convulsions, change in mental status, encephalomyelitis, and encephalitis [2]. In this narrative review, the evidence on the occurrence and management of seizures in patients with various coronavirus (CoV) infections will be discussed.“


    Funny that he said he never heard of seizures with COVID, yet I have. Along with strokes, organ failure, excessive clotting, etc.

    I suppose out of 160,000+ deaths and millions of infections, lots of hospitalizations, shortages of PPE’s, (even today in some jurisdictions), vastly overworked medical workers, some anomalies in death assessments will take place.

    Plus, the story is about a Georgia child. Same state that reversed graphs and a governor who was shocked that asymptotic carriers were contagious. And who may have rushed openings along with suing Atlanta’s mayor for ordering mask compliance.

    I would not rule out seizures yet.


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    1. RE: “The AT author wrote that he never heard of coronavirus causing seizures.”

      That stood out to me, as well. It doesn’t change the AT author’s story much, though. Had original reports been accurate, the fact the child died of falling down in the bathtub while having a seisure would have been included.

      Instead, news idiots like Rachel Maddow last night spun the death as proof that Covid-19 is killing more people than ever because the president has mihandled the pandemic. It was Maddow’s insane treatment of the story, in fact, which led me to expect further details would be forthcoming.


      1. 2 thoughts.

        Maddox is not a news idiot. She is a commentator, like Hannity or Carlson (only more truthful). So the show was her considered opinion.

        Another opinion by another person:

        “We would’ve had thousands of people additionally die if we let people come in from heavily infected China. But we stopped it. We did a travel ban in January. … By closing up, we saved millions, potentially millions of lives.”

        A partial ban on travel from China, like other countries did, may or may not have saved a few lives, certainly not millions. I wonder why he keeps bring that up after 7 months as if that were his moment of glory? Could it be that’s all he’s got? I think so.

        The point is that Trump’s spin is just that.

        Back to the child:

        If that boy had a COVID caused seizure, it would certainly be a death as a result of the viral infection. Just as those who die of COVID caused organ failures or strokes.


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      2. RE: “So the show was her considered opinion.”

        Maddow’s opinion was idiotic because it was based on incomplete information and consisted of wild fear mongering.

        RE: “If that boy had a COVID caused seizure, it would certainly be a death as a result of the viral infection.”

        Yes, IF. Whether Covid caused the seizure is unknown.


        1. RE: “Maddow is an idiot because you disagree with her.”

          I cited Maddow as the reason I found the AT story worthy of attention. It is not necessary for you to guess at my motives or psychology when the facts are made plain to you.


          1. …”the facts are made plain to you.”

            I have stated the facts numerous times. ANYONE who does not agree with your viewpoint is “silly”, “an idiot”, “not worth paying attention to”, or any other idiotic ways to avoid seeing the other side of an argument.

            THOSE are the facts. Period. End of discussion.

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  2. “According to the Chatham County Coroner, the child had a seizure and fell in the shower and was unresponsive. The coroner said seizures are a common response to the virus.”

    The news agencies do not perform autopsies. They report what they receive when they receive it. If it changes, they usually report the changes.

    Barring that, they are finding a whole lot of neurological issues with COV2. My conjecture is he may have been in a shower for a reason too, like a cold shower to reduce fever.

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