Now I know where I’ve seen him before


Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

One of my favorite movies, but it was the stage play that made me a Libertarian.

Biden is the perfect blend of invisibility and unaccountability seen only in long time politicians, which, of course, is all that Biden has ever been.

10 thoughts on “Now I know where I’ve seen him before

  1. Because of my family background and own performance history (a LOOOONNNNGGGGG time ago), I don’t even need to click on the link to know what sang you are talking about.

    And to say that Biden is unaccountable is really hypocritical because the current Oval Office holder has NEVER taken responsibility for ANYTHING wrong he has done. It is always someone else’s fault. Yet you give him a pass on accountability, responsibility, honesty, compassion, empathy, leadership, planning, constitutionality, and everything else we should expect from that particular office holder.

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    1. Durning does it so well it is worth a click in any case.

      I saw BLWIT on stage also a LOOONNNGGG time ago, but it is what triggered my understanding that government trying to do what’s good for us is among the world’s greatest evils.

      “Hard Candy Christmas” will make a Libertarian of anyone with a heart.


      1. …”government trying to do what’s good for us is among the world’s greatest evils.”

        It was actually the televangelist who caused the problems, not the gubmint.


        1. In the stage play, it was an investigative reported, not a televangelist and there was no romantic relationship between the sheriff and Miss Mona, it was just a matter of principle.


          1. Going to check on that with the pros in my life that know the story.

            And I misspoke. The Dom DeLuise character, Norman something, came off as a televangelist, but was an investigative “reporter”. His production numbers made Jim Bakker look like a tent preacher, with lots mo’ money.


          2. Maybe I remembered it backwards then, I just know it was different.

            But the point remains that no one was being harmed until government force was applied.


    1. It would seem that a large number of cities are trying to play out “The Purge” right now. Maybe that will drive people away from “progressive” politics.


  2. Actually, as movies go, Hell, all stories in general, the greatest ever was “Deliverance”. It has it all; man against nature, against society, against man, against himself. It was brilliantly filmed, cast, and acted. Not one performance was less than perfect. Not one character superficial.

    I could watch twice in a row and it wouldn’t be the same movie.

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