I wonder if any of them called Cheney what Yoho called AOC


A little disagreement is good for the soul, I suppose. But I do wonder if any of the Representatives have enough balls to call Liz Cheney what Ted Yoho called AOC.


If you don’t feel like reading it, here is the key quote. “The two then parted ways. Ocasio-Cortez headed into the building, while Yoho, joined by Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas), began descending toward the House office buildings. A few steps down, Yoho offered a parting thought to no one in particular.

“Fucking bitch,” he said.”

13 thoughts on “I wonder if any of them called Cheney what Yoho called AOC

  1. Well, the GOP is in a panic mode. Panicky people do weird, and often, ugly things.

    At this point, it is probably best to just watch the Republicans shoot each other and let Trump be Trump.

    Both are as good as any attack ads the Democrats could put together and they don’t cost anything to produce.

    AOC has her constituents, some progressive ideas and is not afraid to promote and work for both. I don’t agree with everything she says, but then she is a Democrat. No “signed tax pledges” or shunning for not sucking up to Trump.

    Gaetz and Jordan are loudmouth carnival barkers. Yoho, well, no one would confuse him with a class act.

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    1. I see you are a fan.

      We have 330 million people and they all deserve a voice in government through duly elected representatives.

      Not everyone is well off, educated and in agreement with the status quo. But they do vote. That’s how we got Trump.

      If you think only landowning, white males should vote, you are an originalist.

      But since then, we have tacitly agreed that everyone should have a voice. Rich, poor, middle, Black, brown, Asian, Native American.

      Everyone pays taxes, has legal protections, deserves civil treatment. And many poor do turn their fortunes around. Perhaps start a company, hire workers and use skills to create a better country.

      AOC is a voice in NYC for many less fortunate. She will push to help them. Just like Republicans push for lax regulations.

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      1. She is a voice which will make the less fortunate far less fortunate.

        “Three men who died recently are brought before the throne of God and told that they may each have one wish.

        The Briton asks for an end to war.

        The American asks for an end to hunger. cow-skinny

        The Russian smiles slyly and says, “In my village, I have a neighbor who has a cow. I do not have a cow. I wish that my neighbor’s cow shall sicken and die.”

        [Source: William A. Henry, III, In Defense of Elitism, Doubleday, 1994, p. 26.]

        She is the soul of envy, and nothing good has ever come from envy.


        1. Well, she is in Congress. Along with, arguably a lot of others who are much worse with regards to agenda, smarts, and awareness of national issues.

          And we might get more dummies. The GOP is running some conspiracy nuts, like Pizzagate type nuts, and a few might actually win.


          Now there is your “elite” and they might be hard to defend, or even swallow. Give me AOC anytime.

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          1. “The GOP is running some conspiracy nuts, like Pizzagate type nuts, and a few might actually win.”

            This makes November a very scary month.


        2. She represents her constituents, as she was elected to do. As Yoho was, as well.

          However, maybe Yoho should be more concerned with what is going on in Florida than his policy disagreements with AOC.

          Civil response from AOC, even backed by Matt Gaetz, of all people. He actually said she is NOT a bitch.


          1. I also said she should not be called a bitch, she is an ungrateful idiot.

            I’m sure Hitler represented the majority of his constituents too.


          2. Hitler comparisons are beneath you.

            As far as her being called an idiot by you…Well, let’s just say she would probably feel the same way about you, bit would be civil enough not to say it.

            Policy disagreements are part of our representative government. But personal attacks, even from the public, based on those disagreements, are far from helpful.

            And an ungrateful idiot is better than the useful one in the Oval Office.


          3. Len justified her policy agenda based on her constituents support for them. I pointed out that Hitler’s constituents supported his policies.

            That is not a Hitler comparison. It is pointing out that constituent support is no guarantee of wisdom or ethics.


          4. Mea culpa. Just seeing his name sometimes is enough to cause one’s eyes to water in anger.

            However, they are HER constituents, as you are Don McEachin’s, even though you didn’t vote for him. She is doing what she thinks is best for her district, as any other representative should. To refer to her as an “idiot” is crude and uncalled for, as much as “fucking bitch” is.

            …”support is no guarantee of wisdom or ethics.” I think the same thing about Trump and his supporters.


  2. No, but to be fair, it was either Joe Biden or Harry Reid who did tell Dick Cheney to “go eff yourself.” I tend to think it was Biden. One of those “hot mike” situations.

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