Damn Yankees

NY and others block travel from VA

There’s a reason I was 14 before I knew Damn and Yankees were separate words.

If you remember when COVID was surging in New York and Florida’s governor suggested quarantining those coming to FL from NY, and Coumo had a fit. Now if you go to NY, CT or NJ you will be questioned and quarantined. So, it was OK, and hateful of us if we objected to New Yorkers fled to the heartland, carrying the plague with them, but now they want to pull up the drawbridge.

Not that I would go to NY any more than I would go to the sewer, but the nerve!

11 thoughts on “Damn Yankees

  1. If I recall, the states now hit hard told New Yorkers tough poop. It was a big city, urban, Democratic problem.

    I think there was a certain red state smugness in Trump country. “Why should we lockdown?” “Fauci is trying to hurt Trump.” Fake news.

    Florida even got gobs of stuff they didn’t need early on because DeSantis was kissing the royal butt.

    And they opened up quickly, skipped masks, #LIBERATE stuff.

    You are acting a bit startled in my opinion… and with a short memory.

    New York and New Jersey suffered huge losses. What doctors learned there is now helping the new surge points to save lives they needlessly risked because of stupidity and right wing rhetoric.

    NY is trying hard to not repeat their experience. The rest of the nation, red mostly, ignored science and followed Trump.

    The Northeast suffered partly because the closed down a bit later than they should have. And they have very densely populated cities. The new surges have no excuse except stupidity.

    Let Trump divide us, not the virus. He is excellent at that.

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    1. First, you’re applying the behavior of a vocal minority to entire parts of the country, but more to the point, my gripe is that Coumo was very vocal about freedom of travel when New Yorkers were fleeing to the heartland(and let’s not forget that Coronavirus was first brought to Chesapeake by a fleeing NYC woman,) and very critical of Florida’s government for seeking to require those from NYC going to Florida to quarantine, yet now he is placing travelers from half the country in quarantine if they go there.

      He was perfectly happy for his constituents to infect half the country but now wants to keep everyone out, even though NYC should be close to herd immunity. Of course, he wanted the entire country’s ventilator supply sent the NY during their surge. It appears that to Coumo, NY lives matter but no one else’s do.


      1. Honestly, your answer is based on your despising Democrats and New York.

        I am sure Cuomo was “happy” to infect the rest of the country.


        Did Trump teach you grudge holding?

        Early on when NY was really suffering with rented refrigeration trucks for morgues and mass graves being filled and no PPE’s without going to the world market and paying 10 times the price, etc., no one gave a hoot. It was NY, after all.

        Now since they are trying hard, and so far successfully, to stay healthy they are still a pariah to you.

        Geez, Don, envy and revenge in one fell swoop from the Libertarian perspective.

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        1. No one gave a hoot? Thousands of doctors and nurses and EMTs from across the country went to help.

          People soured on NY due to Coumo’s NY first and everyone else do without.

          Hypocrisy will always get me angry, and Coumo’s refusal to cooperate with limits to NYC’s exodus followed by wanting to bar anyone from states now having the same problem he had earlier is hypocrisy at its worst.


          1. …”Coumo’s NY first and everyone else do without.”…

            Which is EXACTLY what Trump told the governors, except for DeSantis, at the beginning. You are on your own.


          2. You read way too much visceral hate into Cuomo’s actions.

            Face it, anyone else faced with that catastrophe in NY would have been so overwhelmed, like the administration itself, that thousands more would have died. You think #LIBERATE would not have been pretty deadly in NY.

            Cuomo is doing what the red state governors refused to do: protect his citizens from utter, reckless stupidity. The stupidity demanded by Trump to open ASAP, or sooner.

            If you don’t see that, then you are “blinded by the right”, to borrow a book title from an ex-right wing ideologue.


      2. Addendum:

        The “vocal minority” was well funded by Republican foundations.

        The premature openings were forced, or “encouraged” by Republicans and dear old Trump.

        And you blame NY for being nasty after what they went through to shut down the city and actually enforce pandemic procedures. And others did little but complain.

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  2. The ONLY reason to go there from here is to cross The 1000 Islands Bridge into Canada… oops, can’t go there either. Thank god, my boat can easily make the Bahamas. Oh no. As trashed by the hurricane as is their economy, even the Bahamians don’t want American tourist (refugee) money.

    There is an historical solution to Trump’s COV2 strategy, “All Americans can take up a bell and walk about shouting, ‘Unclean, unclean!’.”

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  3. Seeing as my father and his wife live in Upstate NY, I am a bit disturbed by the vile hatred heaped on it by those on this forum. Also, the order is now more personal as a late August extended weekend trip is in jeopardy. My niece’s trip next weekend has been cancelled.

    So to those of you who have such vile hatred for NY, consider those who have family there who they now cannot see for a while.

    I could have referred to some the same way Yoho did AOC, but that would be an insult to bitches everywhere.


  4. It seems as if folks here believe that the State of New York only consists of NYC.

    I suggest you look at a map of the state. You will find many beautiful areas of the state. May I suggest you look at Accord, along US 209, and the areas surrounding it. Also the tribal lands along the upper frontier of the state. Or the southern frontier north of the PA border.

    Don, you are welcome to go to the sewer, if you like. But I invite you to take a look around BEYOND that.


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