Philly prosecutor says he will arrest feds who kidnap protesters.

Interesting standoff between Trump and state and local officials.

“My dad volunteered and served in World War II to fight fascism, like most of my uncles, so we would not have an American president brutalizing and kidnapping Americans for exercising their constitutional rights and trying to make America a better place, which is what patriots do,” said Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner in a statement. “Anyone, including federal law enforcement, who unlawfully assaults and kidnaps people will face criminal charges from my office.” Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner

So Portland mayor is using a Trump tactic, “sue the bastards” and Philly says, “screw that, just arrest ‘em”, then, presumably, “let them sue us“.

The saga of a mythical country whose king brags about filling out a Denny’s kids’ puzzle placemat successfully and using that as evidence of his genius. And his followers nod in agreement…”he is the chosen one, after all”.


37 thoughts on “Philly prosecutor says he will arrest feds who kidnap protesters.

  1. Tom Friedman has an interesting piece in the NYT today. He compares USA 2020 to Syria 2011. “America blessedly is not Syria, yet, but Trump is adopting the same broad approach that Bashar al-Assad did back in 2011, when peaceful protests broke out in the southern Syrian town of Dara’a, calling for democratic reforms; the protests then spread throughout the country.”

    Here is the entire piece for those who can view it.

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    1. Friedman, as usual, on top of the game.

      Trump is trying to divide us and has been doing so since his slide down the golden escalator.

      I am afraid that those who are leading the protests have little faith in judicial and police reform if they back down now. And with good reason. This rhetoric has been met with “we’ll see” and interminable blue ribbon panels for decades.

      Yet, the same leaders need to cull out the violence and looting, even if it is just a minuscule percentage of the protesters. The footage makes it seem as if all of America is burning. And feeds the administration all the material it feels happy to exploit.

      There is responsibility in protesting as in all aspects of community living.

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  2. For goodness sake Len, take off the hate goggles long enough to look at what is actually happening.

    The Feds are not sending out ninjas in black helicopters to kidnap random protestors. they are arresting rioters who are damaging Federal property in cities where the local police have stopped trying to protect property.

    Arrest =/= kidnapping. Those arrested are arraigned in public courts and afforded bail.

    Local urban governments are pandering to the rioters and not even trying to enforce the law, and even arresting property owners for displaying firearms after they have been threatened with arson.

    There are more rioters and looters who vote than property owners in those cities. And that’s all that matters.

    When the rule of law is abandoned, people will protect themselves and their property themselves, and in those cases, nearly all crimes carry the death penalty.

    Why is it that you don’t see people being burned out of their homes and businesses as a problem, but arresting those who destroy public property is?


    1. Of course violence is a problem.

      Some of the arrested folks were just present. They were hustled away in unmarked cars by men dressed like private militias.

      Nothing wrong with that…in North Korea, or Russia, or any other dictatorship.

      If you think truckloads of troops firing machine guns into protesters to make sure and get the few looters and rioters, then perhaps you might prefer Kim or Vladimir.

      But so far, we don’t do that.

      If we can’t rule that churches practice safe pandemic tactics and let members infect towns with a deadly disease, then why complain about unruly protesters who are not killing people. Why is one ok and the other not?

      Yes, Don, we have a problem. But as the Portland mayor and the state governor said, things were calming down until federal, anonymous and unidentified to most observers, folks started shooting up the place again.

      But you don’t see that. So it never happened.

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      1. They are not just grabbing people nearby.

        Some of those picked up were photographed in violent acts but were pickup up later when they were not surrounded by a mob. They may not have been doing something violent at that moment, but the Feds knew exactly who they were arresting.


        1. “…or providing cover for rioters, then pretty much yes.”

          In other words, if they are even just present.

          “Your papers please”.

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          1. Seriously?

            Those who willingly allow themselves to be used as shields for violent Marxists and anarchists deserve the same treatment as those they protect.

            Would you not expect the police to act against people protecting Klansmen running from a lynching?


          2. …”shields for violent Marxists and anarchists “…

            Criminy. Hyperbole much?

            American citizens protesting for reforms to government are now violent Marxists and anarchists. But when they are gun wielding 2A whiners, they are patriots? Talk about screwed up priorities.

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    2. And this statement is absurd:

      “There are more rioters and looters who vote than property owners in those cities. And that’s all that matters.”

      That is such a jaded view of government and its officials that I feel compassion for you.

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  3. The Bloomberg article is a good example of smoke-and-mirrors propaganda. It drones on for 2,000 words making unsupported accusations and threats in response to events that haven’t even happened. Plus, never mentioned is the fact that Larry Krasner is one of a spate of big-city District Attorneys whose campaigns for office were heavily financed by George Soros. Krasner’s political record is decidedly anti-law enforcement.


      1. I’ve read Friedman and concluded years ago that he’s an idiot. Even in the quote from his article that you provide, the shallowness of his thinking is evident. For example, the United States is not even remotely comparable to Syria, and to suggest that the BLM/Antifa protests in America have been “peaceful” is the willful conceit of an imbecile.


        1. 1) The MAJORITY of the BLM protests HAVE been peaceful. Adding ANTIFA to the mix is wrong without also adding the right wing agitators that have been involved, and in some cases, arrested.

          2) Comparing what Assad did in Syria is a fair comparison to what Trump is doing/threatening to do today. If you don’t see it, you are willfully blind.

          3) It amazes me that anyone that does not hold your view is automatically an idiot. That actually shows to me how idiotic your thinking is.

          4) And your little “imbecile” comment is noted with all of the disdain it deserves. It shows you use your very little mind and find BIG words to use.


          1. RE: “It amazes me that anyone that does not hold your view is automatically an idiot.”

            That’s funny: You’re using me to call yourself an idiot.

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          2. Hey Dr. Dickhead Semantics, Reynolds called and said that your tin foil delivery will be delayed and they recommend you microwave what you have to clear it of COVID.

            Sorry, but tis you who continually shows his idiocy. “I don’t agree so the writer is an idiot”. Every single time. Yet you pull crap out of PJ Media as if it is gospel. 5 false claims in 3 years? Idiocy. And I wonder why the financial backer of PJTV pulled out? Because of the realization the money was being used to fuel bullshit cons[iracies?


          1. You mean THIS PJ Media:

            Pass, but thanks for the laugh.

            I’ve seen other explanations about the situation as well. BUT, seeing as there has been no request for federal intervention from the local authorities, as was requested in LA in 1992, they should be recalled to their proper home bases.

            WOW! You basically downchecked an extremely LIBERTARIAN sourced story. WTH?


    1. “Larry Krasner is one of a spate of big-city District Attorneys whose campaigns for office were heavily financed by George Soros.“

      1) Do you have a cite for that?

      2) What is wrong with any funding by Soros’ foundations or PAC’s, if any.

      I recall that the deadly #LIBERATE movement was started by funding from right wing billionaire heirs and heiresses.


    1. Skepticism is fine from a judge’s viewpoint. However, if you read the entire article, he showed concern about the one young man who was arrested, held and questioned for 2 hours and released and never knew WHO picked him up.

      It could be an isolated incident or it could be the pattern.


        1. And you know he knows, how? Were you present and heard them identify themselves? You were part of the team and you know your teammates identified themselves? You know nothing. And display it regularly.

          The only “bullshit” here is your fealty to an autocratic regime that you helped put in the Oval office because you bought, drank and are now trying to help sell the snake oil.


  4. So a few questions for the conspiracy crowd (Len and Adam).
    1. Were the “kidnappers” wearing hammer and sickle arm bands?
    2. Did they speak Klingon during the incident to avoid identity?
    3. Was the lead interrogator wearing a monocle and named Klink?
    4. Did the poor victim have to endure his gonads being massaged with a Tickle Me Elmo while sitting in a beanbag chair under a heat lamp to get him to talk?
    5. Was he directed to sign zee papers?

    Inquiring minds really want to know!!!


    1. Only a hammer, ball peen I believe.
      They spoke Spanish
      No monocle, contact lenses.
      Question: do you own a beanbag chair?
      I believe he got a B+, not a “zee”.

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    2. 1) They were unidentifiable; POLICE does not ID which LE group.
      2) You seem to know more than the rest of us, so you tell me.
      3) No, but like you, I believe it was Schultzie.
      4) Would You talk if they did that to you?
      5) Papers? We don’t need no stinkin’ papers.


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