Panel recommends school opening…with many caveats.

Younger elementary schools children, mask wearing by all, including students, social distancing, and revamped HVAC Are some of the recommendations.

Most interesting is that it should be a community decision based on infection rates, infrastructure, staffing etc. Keep mandates And funding threats out of the decision making.

A question in my mind is how to do social distancing in a class that might have held 40 students pre-COVID, and now must cut that by at least half. Who goes and who stays?

Studies on how infectious children are have been inconclusive so far. We might find out in a month how well it goes.

The irony is that schools are also day care and nutrition centers for many, especially low income areas. That would free up employees returning to work. Of course subsidized child care services would do that now. But I digress.

One thought on “Panel recommends school opening…with many caveats.

  1. “Studies on how infectious children are have been inconclusive so far.”

    This small study from Germany suggests one thing.

    Whereas, an anecdotal story I read in The Bulwark Newsletter concerning a teenage kegger spread the virus locally in South Dakota. As well as the open gym workouts at the local HS.

    There is still a LOT we don’t know. I’m just not sure how parents feel about their children being used a guinea pigs to determine if opening the schools can be done safely.

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