COVID treatments updates and effectiveness.

This is a FYI post listing what treatments are used, considered, being tested and rejected.

Notable is the HCQ status and the number of clinical trials worldwide.

“A recent analysis by STAT and Applied XL found more than 180 ongoing clinical trials testing hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, for treating or preventing Covid-19. Although it’s clear the drugs are no panacea, it’s possible they could work in combination with other treatments, or when given in early stages of the disease.”

(Don, take note about the “early stages”. It is not being ignored.)

As a famous ball player used to say: “It ain’t over till its over”…or a female opera singer belts out an aria…or something like that.

5 thoughts on “COVID treatments updates and effectiveness.

  1. They missed a few.

    Colchicene, an old gout drug shows promise in blocking the cytokine storm, again, when taken early.

    Budesonide inhalers, a common asthma drug, again given early.

    And of course HCQ in combination with zinc sulfate and an antibiotic, the HCQ cocktail, again given early.

    Notice a pattern? All make a big difference when given BEFORE hospitalization is required.

    And yes, the FDA stands in the way, not allowing primary care doctors to prescribe these drugs off label, delaying their use until too late.

    So yes, I have it in for the FDA, but with its history of killing a thousand for every one it saves, any rational person with scientific training should be.

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