Maybe Walmart is “the tipping point” as the article quotes.

As a leading retailer in less costly goods and food, it might actually make a difference with high unemployment likely to be the norm for the near future.

As an exclamation point by Laura Ingraham, she is demanding the science behind mask wearing and social distancing. Studies have been done and continue today as this pandemic drones on. But not enough to suit her. Pandering to the fringes is her stock in trade. Who cares if it kills people or the economy.

Is Ingraham a true “enemy of the people”? Seems so to me.

Hmmm. The administration pushing “business as usual” while hospitalization surges and infections skyrocket…”enemy“ as well?

5 thoughts on “Maybe Walmart is “the tipping point” as the article quotes.

    1. The latest studies seem to indicate the effectiveness of the mask works for both the wearer and the public. It has to do with volume of viral infection. Wearing a common cloth or surgical mask is not super efficient in filtering all viruses, but apparently just most of them is sufficient.

      That throws self-interest into the mix.

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    2. An impassioned plea, to be sure. I do hope your cohorts in those organizations pay heed. Please keep us posted on what kind of feedback you receive.

      The majority of the peaceful protesters have been wearing masks during their marches and rallies. One of the reasons health experts at the local level have found that those events have had little to no effect on the spread of the virus


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