Elevator music without the elevator?


Music pumping out all day? Living there could become an auditory Hades after the 100th playing of Buffet tunes. Like mandatory earbuds. Or Christmas at the mall.

The birds, the ocean, the wind and conversation are not good enough for enjoying the outdoors?

My “get off my lawn” humble opinion.

13 thoughts on “Elevator music without the elevator?

  1. It is especially annoying when I get out on the river to fish and the ski boats show up with their speakers blaring bock or hip-hop loud enough for the skiers to hear it over their 400hp engine.

    I can’t hear the ducks and geese or the wind in the trees, much less the fish.

    Some people just can’t wait to get out in nature, ans spoil it.

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    1. That trend is showing up at golf course too. Small speakers that fit in a bag are available.

      What is wrong with soft conversation, birds, breezes through trees and the occasional deistic exhortation of “Good God Almighty, did anyone see where that went?”

      The death chamber in Soylent Green was surrounded by sweeping cinematic vistas of the world in better days. The last images of natural beauty and awe inspiring scenes.

      Enjoy it while we can. For real.


      1. “That trend is showing up at golf course too.”

        I haven’t heard that one before. But guaranteed that if I do come across that, I will remind the offenders that they aren’t Happy Gilmore or the Rodney Dangerfield character from CADDYSHACK, and I will go all Richard Kiel on their bags. Golf and others….


    2. …”blaring bock or hip-hop “…

      Did you mean Bach or Beck? Either one could be quite annoying when attempting to enjoy nature at its finest.

      …” much less the fish.”

      You can HEAR the fish? I am impressed. Don Tabor, The Fish Whisperer?


          1. In my defense, I was 8 when that record came out. But it played for years after and rejuvenated in “Happy Days”.

            So I kinda grew up hearing that song. I like it.

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      1. typo rock

        Fish do make noises when they are feeding, but it’s more a matter of being able to focus all the senses on what is around you and putting it together. I am VERY intense when I am fishing. I don’t like being distracted.

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          1. But if they can’t hear over the music and 400hp outboards, they are going to be a distraction.

            On a serious note; good for you to give them a hobby they can enjoy outside. My grandfather, not a very loving man, as they say, got me started with golf at age 10. Never been good, never NOT enjoyed a round with family, friends, or by myself.


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