Some pretty good information about masks, their uses and effectiveness around the world.

If you can’t access WSJ, I have a few pertinent quotes which I can’t give verbatim because of a copy block at Apple News.

1) It is a male thing. “Uncool, shameful, a sign of weakness and a stigma.” UK has only about 25% compliance among men. And they have one of the highest infection rates in the world. Of course we are the leader now. Exceptionalism of the Third Kind.

2) Hong Kong, one of the most densely populated places in the world with 7.5 million residents (about like NYC) did not do a shutdown and has had only 6 deaths. Plus there were about 3 million travelers coming and going, about 1/2 from China. Mask compliance for mass transit: 97%, with the 3% mainly Americans and Europeans.

So our “price of freedom” is 130,000 dead, 40,000 infections and hospitalizations per day, a tanked economy and 4+ Trillion borrowed money.

Smart trade off? I think not.

We can only blame ourselves with respect to one of the simplest, cheapest, and effective ways to get through this pandemic. But only if everyone cooperates for the greater health and prosperity of the community.

Early on, there were some efforts to discourage the use of masks, particularly the critical N-95’s that were needed for healthcare workers. And the consensus on plain cloth was not emphatic on its use.

Seems simple enough.

9 thoughts on “Some pretty good information about masks, their uses and effectiveness around the world.

  1. I don’t know haw these things get started.

    “1) It is a male thing. “Uncool, shameful, a sign of weakness and a stigma.”

    You don’t wear a mask to protect yourself because you’re afraid, you wear a mask to protect others. Protecting others is a classic male thing.


        1. This is what I was trying to post:

          “The FDA just approved a treatment that reduces your chance of getting and spreading COVID-19 by 5X?
          Its trade name is Wearamaskasshole. Side effects include mild inconvenience, possible victim complex, fear of people thinking you are a sheeple, being ostracized by your anti-vax plandemic bros, and the power to stop your own asymptomatic transmission as this country stubbornly dives right on into that second wave.
          Check with your doctor, or really anyone, to see if Wearamaskasshole is right for you.“

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        2. …”he is technically correct that he doesn’t need to wear one.”

          With the number of staffers that have tested positive since Tulsa, I wonder if maybe he should. I know he gets tested repeatedly, but even he commented when Pence’s staffer came out with a positive test, that you just don’t know how quickly it can happen.


          1. I put Trump’s anti-mask stance in the same category as #LIBERATE. A misleading rally cry to appeal solely to his base, rest of Americans be damned.

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          2. I wonder what would happen if all of the Trump supporters who are not wearing masks and end up sick on November 3rd, or had been sick prior to that, and due to the newly instilled fear of the virus, were then unable to get absentee ballots and vote. (Keep in mind that many states have tried to install fear of the virus as a reason to obtain an absentee ballot and the courts are not allowing it.)

            You don’t have to kill off the electorate, just prevent them from obtaining a ballot.

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