How Fake Is Roman Antiquity?

Source: The Unz Review.

The possibility that our known history of ancient Rome may be a fabrication is almost too fantastic to contemplate. And yet I wouldn’t be altogether surprised.

The practical problems of verifiable chronology are acute, and archeology as it stands today offers only a spotty and contentious record to measure recorded history by. No one, for example, can state with certainty how old the Sphinx might be or when Stonehenge was originally constructed and by whom. Or, it would seem, whether a man named Julius Caesar ever conquered Gaul.

Imagine the conspiracy! Nations define themselves by their histories, making the ability to shape history the ability to produce the perfect propaganda. It would not have been hard for a secretive cabal of scholars, living off the patronage of princes in an age before printing to manufacture national identities in the name of good government.

Speculation, yes. Whether grounded or not depends of what we actually know with certainty about the ancient world.

7 thoughts on “How Fake Is Roman Antiquity?

  1. A long treatise.

    There is a comment that is also long that basically says the premise of language origins regarding the Latin roots for Spanish, French, Is, in his words, “bullshit”.

    “ Having dissected just a small part of the authours argument I feel I cannot trust the gist of his writing. It might very well be that a good part of what we consider to be classical Latin writing was in fact invented in the Rennaissance. But the Latin that the forgers were basing their forgeries on was nevertheless already extant. Take Ciceros most important work “De Republica”. It was in fact found in 1809 in a Palimpsest. (Pergament that was overwritten).It is definately from the 4th century and comparing it to earlier finds one sees no great discrepancies. And there are many more such cases. If the Rennaissance was the only time when Latin writers were discovered one might follow the authour. In reality there are many finds before and after the Renaissance.”

    There is a lot more to his comment, but it is worthy of a read.

    I read the first half, and I need to check on his assertion that “Caesar” is not verifiable.

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