Hannity may be hazardous to your health.


“A round of recent studies that suggests infection and mortality rates for COVID-19 are higher in areas where Fox News star Sean Hannity reaches the most viewers.“

“The article, written by Christopher Ingraham, draws from three studies to show how conservative media has polluted the informational waters of the coronavirus, amplifying false or misleading claims, promoting conspiracy theories, and discouraging preventative measures from viewers at key moments.”

“This study finds that not only are Fox News viewers less likely to comply with public health guidelines than those who rely on other news sources, but it singles out Hannity viewers as being demonstrably skeptical at a critical point. Through surveys, the study determined Hannity fans were more likely to have changed behaviors like handwashing and travel plans four days later than viewers of other Fox News programs.“

I always knew that FOX was bad. Now it’s killing off the Trump base.

Hey, wait a minute…maybe it is not so bad after all.

(Please note that this statement was meant in jest and no conservatives were harmed in the making of this post.)

20 thoughts on “Hannity may be hazardous to your health.

    1. The article did say the study was not yet peer reviewed.

      If what you say about the ages is true, why does Hannity want to kill of an already shrinking constituency?

      Yeah, correlation does not always equal causation, but I would think conservative media would want to protect their most loyal fans.

      Meanwhile, 40,000+ new cases yesterday, a new record. Most in Trump country.

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      1. I just checked the numbers on COVID19.

        We are already at 40,000 new cases as of 5 pm. Only Brazil is slightly higher at 41,000+

        But we are still way down on testing per capita at #26 in the world.

        Deaths are down below 1,000/day. The reasons are better treatment methods and younger patients. Of course the younger folks may not get very sick, but they can sure contaminate others.

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      2. No argument that the politicization of COVID-19 is having adverse consequences.

        There is plenty of blame on both sides for that,

        The resistance to wearing masks as a political statement is just plain stupid.


        1. I think Abbot, the gov of Texas, closed all bars and restaurants again. Too many folks packed in, no masks and having a great time.

          Maybe, just maybe, they will now grasp that this is a real pandemic.

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    2. I don’t care to read sniveling left wing trash that your quotes suggest. Shove it? Was that a comment of a “moderator”, that your snide left wing trash is Ok? Civility check in order there, bro?

      There, that was easy!!


      1. Here is a piece of advice. If you don’t want to read something, don’t.

        If you want to comment, then read it.

        Yes, “Shove it” came from me. I apologize to the participants and especially to Don.

        But, that doesn’t mean I feel differently. If you posted something rather than just commenting on “sniveling left wing trash”, perhaps some “sniveling right wing trash”, then we might have civil discussions.

        But, that’s just me.


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        1. I’ll read what I want and comment when I want . I care not if it hurts your sensativities as all you put on here is left wing opinion, obfuscation or nonsense with snide commentary worthy of a response. Sorry if it hurts your feelings to get push back for what you dish out. Take it like a man and do a civility check. My comment merely said studies “suggest”
          is an empty reference devoid of fact or evidence. What is wrong with that that deserves a “shove it”? Sheeeeesh …

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  1. RE: “I always knew that FOX was bad. Now it’s killing off the Trump base.”

    What a ridiculous thing to say.


    1. You guys take Trump’s words with a grain of salt, but mine to the letter.

      Lighten up. I was joking. Not “Trump joking” that has to be explained by 10 staffers, but Len joking which is much simpler and doesn’t affect national policies, foreign and domestic.

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  2. Maybe these studies also “suggest” monkeys do indeed fly. “Suggest” isn’t even anecdotal evidence but more a grasping at straws to claim correlation and produce a phony conclusion. In other words, so what? Is Len really Jesse Ventura the conspiracy theory king? Studies suggest so and inquiring minds want to know.

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    1. Did you even read the friggin’ article?

      No, of course not.

      Warning: ad hominem attack, sensitive viewers might want to warn Trump fans and other children.

      Shove it. I am done with your snide, useless, non-posting trolling. Including your insults.

      There, that was easy.

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        1. One more time.

          I don’t care to read sniveling left wing trash that your quotes suggest. Shove it? Was that a comment from a “moderater”, that your snide left wing trash is Ok? Civility check in order there, bro?

          There, that was easy!!


      1. I doubt he reads anything that may even have a center-left tilt to it based on source. He is a hateful person with lots of issues. Professional help is needed desperately. – IMO


  3. Doc is, of course, correct about correlation and causality, but this also not a system without feedback. That is, the commentator attracts an audience by his expressed views, and the change in audience size and attitude, via polling, advertising dollars and such, affects the commentator, thus there is causality. In fact, on the commentator’s side, the causality is conscious.

    Does a commentator making a smart/stupid remark affect his audience’s intelligence? Doubtful. But, his audience reaction by change in market size does affect the number of times he makes smart/stupid remarks.

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