Boogaloo movement

Source: Wikipedia.

The boogaloo movement has been mentioned in the Forum lately in the context of defending Antifa by suggesting that the boogaloos are more evil and may be more dangerous. There’s not much purchase in the comparison. It is like suggesting that coronavirus isn’t worth our attention because Ebola is much worse.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of comparison I would share a few thoughts. Above all I have no sympathies for the boogaloo movement; what little I know about it looks reprehensible to me:

  • Compared to Antifa, the boogaloos are johnny-come-latelys. The newer group seems to have sprung up less than a decade ago, whereas the older one has existed for about a century.
  • Antifa has a clearly-defined and consistent ideology (anarcho-communism) whereas the boogaloos appear at present to be merely reactionary and inconsistent. Boogaloo white supremacy, for example, is not a unifying characteristic.
  • The boogaloo movement is subjected to substantial censorship in social media, whereas Antifa is not.
  • The boogaloos don’t appear to be well-funded or politically connected, whereas numerous allegations of big-money and political support for Antifa have been made. This picture may change as scrutiny intensifies.
  • The boogaloos and Antifa are similar in wanting the overthrow and destruction of the establishment.

If I had to rate the comparative risk to civil order, I would say the boogaloos are the lesser risk due to their lack of sophistication and general support. At the same time, a group like the boogaloos could easily cause a Fort Sumter moment. They are not non-dangerous.

8 thoughts on “Boogaloo movement

  1. I think you may be overstating the “defense” of ANITFA issue. No one on this forum is condoning violence by any fringe group, regardless of the politics. It is more a condemnation of focusing on only one side of things, as Trump and Barr have been doing. But it wasn’t ANTIFA who shot 2 cops in Oakland either.

    But again, being anti-fascist is much better than being PRO-fascist.

    And as far as internet censorship goes, it tends to occur because the boogaloo and far right wing groups tend to push for and condone violent overthrow of the government, even going so far as to publish plans for bomb making and 3D weapons printing. Not to mention they attempt to use ANTIFA as a shield for their own deranged attacks.

    Not to worry though. Now they can PARLER:

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    1. RE: “But again, being anti-fascist is much better than being PRO-fascist.”

      There is no virtue in being anti-fascist if one is also pro-communist. This is my beef with people who make excuses for Antifa.

      We fought a hot war against fascism (WWII), and a cold war against communism. Now we are fighting an information war against both, but it appears that many people are ignorant to the common danger.


  2. I don’t defend Antifa. It was brought up by the administration as the “terrorist” group blamed for the violence in the protests.

    So I tried to put that lie to rest. The bigger agitators were the fringes on the right. Bugaloo is just one of the more visible ones.

    Interestingly enough, BLM is not causing the problems except by having demonstrations that are getting hijacked by agitators, looting gangs and other opportunistic nihilists. Of course there will always be some out of control folks no matter what side they are on.

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    1. RE: “[Antifa] was brought up by the administration as the ‘terrorist’ group blamed for the violence in the protests.”

      Not exclusively. Antifa is only one group the administration is investigating. The others have not been named, but reportedly run the gamut from far-right to far left. There are 500 active investigations, according to AG Barr. I expect even BLM will be part of the mix as the indictments become public.


  3. “The others have not been named…”

    See, that’s my beef. Few Antifa have been arrested, but that is the only reference by the administration.

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    1. RE: “Few Antifa have been arrested, but that is the only reference by the administration.”

      No, it isn’t. You, yourself, have mentioned boogaloos being arrested, and AG Barr has been explicit in saying that suspected agitators at the Floyd protests represent a “witch’s brew” (his words) of right-wing and left-wing extremists.

      This idea that Antifa is a target of authoritarian conspiracy doesn’t hold up under scrutiny. I’m almost tempted to call it a delusion.


      1. Read what he said. He specifically called out the administrations phrasing. Only ANTIFA gets mentioned by Barr directly. It is a “play to the base” move and is disingenuous.

        The only thing I would consider delusional is your single focus on ANTIFA.


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