12 thoughts on “A Brief History of Antifa

  1. Yet it seems that few Antifa have been arrested. Most of the arrested have been local looters or right wing “Bugaloo” and related troublemakers.

    The organized gangs that were reported were looters, not necessarily political agitators.

    I tried to find verification for the German government paying Antifa. No luck.

    Did violent people hijack BLM demonstrations as cover for mayhem. No doubt.

    But I don’t believe Antifa is a threat to our national security.

    But it is a scapegoat for the administration.


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    1. So, if — according to you — Antifa hasn’t compiled a significant arrest record, didn’t loot or commit arson, and doesn’t appear to be a national security threat, are you saying the information in the two articles is false or otherwise inapplicable to the group?

      RE: “I tried to find verification for the German government paying Antifa. No luck.”

      The reference is cited in the Part I article:

      Antifa is not only officially tolerated, but is being paid by the German government to fight the far right. — Bettina Röhl, German journalist, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, June 2, 2020.

      Neue Zürcher Zeitung is a german language newspaper.


      1. I saw the reference, but could not verify.

        Antifa is the ONLY group that Trump and his personal lawyer, Barr, have mentioned. Yet Antifa seems absent whereas right wing individuals have been arrested.

        That is why I feel a lot less threatened by Antifa than Bugaloo.

        Tha articles make a lot of claims that seem specious or out of context. It mentions Keri in NY saying looters were organized. But that does not mean Antifa. So why was it brought up in an Antifa article?

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        1. Strange, I thought Giuliani was Trumps personal lawyer. When did that change?

          If you don’t make arrests because liberals governments allow and encourage violence and unrest and how dare the authorities do their job against left wing extremists lest they be publicly hanged, how do you compile arrest records?


          1. …” thought Giuliani was Trumps personal lawyer”…

            Well, he is. But Barr has the title of Attorney General, but his actions are all those of a personal attorney.

            …” liberals governments allow and encourage violence and unrest”…

            That is a bullshit statement and you know it. When folks doing violence are caught, they are arrested and charged. Saying the liberal government don’t do that is just crap-filled right wing fear mongering horse hockey.


          2. Cohen, his first personal attorney and fixer. He is in prison.

            Giuliani is also Trump’s personal attorney and fixer who should follow Cohen if there is any justice.

            Barr is his taxpayer funded personal attorney and latest “fixer”.

            See, you learn something new everyday.

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  2. The constant drumbeat about ANTIFA COULD cause one to wonder if someone is PROTIFA.

    “Antifa may not be the biggest problem in America or even the worst.”

    You’re correct. The biggest and worst problem in America is the lawless Trump administration. (Low hanging fruit, but so is the original post.)


    1. Is there information in the post you know to be false? Put another way, if the two articles are factual, why would you object to them?


      1. Where did I object to the posts? All I said is that someone could appear to be PRO Fascist when they continually go out and looks for articles about ANTIFA and post them here as if “volume equals veracity”.

        As I stated, ANTIFA I do not believe that ANTIFA is the biggest or worst problem in America. The Trump administration is.


  3. One thing I believe, if the Gates Foundation is an act of contrition and atonement for cutthroat business practices then, however large it may become, it will be dwarfed by the Zuckerberg Foundation, if the little pr!ck should ever grow a conscience.

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