Charter Schools’ Enemies Block Black Success

Source: Wall Street Journal.

Thomas Sowell bucks retirement with a new column (and, it would seem, a new book). A taste:

“For decades, there has been widespread anxiety over how, when or whether the educational test score gap between white and non-white youngsters could be closed. But that gap has already been closed by the Success Academy charter school network in New York City.

“Their predominantly black and Hispanic students already pass tests in mathematics and English at a higher rate than any school district in the entire state. That includes predominantly white and Asian school districts where parental income is some multiple of what it is among Success Academy students.

“New York’s charter school students are predominantly black and Hispanic, and live in low-income neighborhoods. In 2019, most students in the city’s public schools failed to pass the statewide tests in mathematics and English. But most of the city’s charter school students passed in both subjects.

“Such charter school results undermine theories of genetic determinism, claims of cultural bias in the tests and assertions that racial ‘integration’ is necessary for blacks to reach educational parity with whites.”

7 thoughts on “Charter Schools’ Enemies Block Black Success

  1. I think there are a lot of public schools in wealthy districts that do a great job. Some better than private academies.

    In the inner cities, it is a problem. And to a degree, teacher’s unions are not helpful.

    Then again, public schools have to accept everyone no matter how disruptive, disabled, mentally ill, addicted or problematic.

    No matter how it’s parsed, education is most effective with engaged parenting. A child born into a totally dysfunctional family has no choice on his own.

    At what point do we intervene?

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      1. What about the child?

        “Tough crap, Kid, pick better parents next time”.

        “We saved your ass in the womb, now you’re on your own, bye.”

        (Quotes by L. Rothman, 6/19/20}

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        1. Well then, sponsor a scholarship for a charter boarding school.

          But don’t drag down the kid with engaged parents to keep him at the same level as the unfortunate kid.

          We really don’t need a Handicapper General to force everyone down to the lowest common denominator.


          1. I have never read Vonnegut. I know a lot of my friends have and that he is almost a cult writer.

            I did research the storyline, however, and I see your point, but I think it is a stretch to say that anyone wants to see a future like that.

            Slippery slopes are sometimes just your own icy driveway and not a social catastrophe.

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