What those who refuse to wear masks just don’t get.


For those who can’t access the article, the essential quote is below:

“In a Thursday interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump was asked whether he thought some people wear masks as a protest directed at him.
“Masks are a double-edge sword. People touch them. And they grab them and I see it all the time. They come in, they take the mask. Now they’re holding it now in their fingers. And they drop it on the desk and then they touch their eye and they touch their nose,” Trump replied. “No, I think a mask is a … it’s a double-edged sword. It’s a double-edged sword. I see Biden. It’s like his whole face is covered. It’s like he put a knapsack over his face. He probably likes it that way. He feels good that way because he does. He seems to feel good in a mask, you know, feels better than he does without the mask, which is a strange situation.”
Pressed on whether he viewed mask wearing as a protest against him, Trump continued:
“It could be, yeah. It could be. But it could also be they feel better about it.”

In other articles, rally supporters say it is a personal choice whether to wear masks. Or they feel safe without wearing one. Or the fatalistic “if I die, I die”.

The missing point is simple: the wearing of a mask is not to protect the wearers as much as to protect their fellow citizens should they be asymptomatic carriers.

So by not wearing one it shows disdain for others and, as Trump said, wearing one could be a considered a protest against him.

Honestly, are we so lacking in basic courtesy and citizenship, and, yes, leadership, that infecting others is a “right”.

Tulsa officials are practically begging Trump not to hold the rally. They already have a serious spike in infections. Plus, the rally attendees and the expected protesters are coming from all over and will consequently head home with probable new infections.

To the campaign’s credit, however, they insured the safety of the organization by requiring waivers not to sue if supporters get sick or die. I wonder if someone does get sick who did not attend, but encountered those who did later in their hometown, could sue instead.

Meanwhile, Mr. COVID 19 is doing quite well. Yesterday we had the highest spike in weeks for new cases, at 33,500.

RIP 121,407

21 thoughts on “What those who refuse to wear masks just don’t get.

  1. It perplexes me too.

    I know a lot of people who seem to think refusing to wear a mask is an act of patriotism, taking a stand against big government.

    In part, that is a knee jerk response to being told they have to wear one. But being reactive is a rejection of reason. If you refuse to do something because a governor you despise tells you to, even though you know it’s the right thing to do, you have been controlled just as much as if you had complied.

    I have posted in dozens of conservative and libertarian sites that masks are not a political issue, but an issue of simple decency and protection of vulnerable people. And I have lost friends for doing so. People so hate Northam over the gun control issues that they would reject the time of day from him.

    It’s hard to put that toothpaste back in the tube, but I think if Northam had gone first to persuasion instead of a mandate, a lot more people would be wearing masks where appropriate.

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  2. “…if Northam had gone first to persuasion instead of a mandate…”

    Like Sweden did?

    Probably one of the reasons we are the leader in infections and deaths is just because of people like those who refuse to wear masks.

    “Public health be damned, I know my rights. I think I will poop in the river now.”

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    1. As I have written many times, part of being a Libertarian is doing the right thing without the need for government force. Sadly, a number of people who identified as Libertarians turned out to be spoiled brats. They want the freedom without the responsibility.

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    2. https://www.omaha.com/news/state_and_regional/ricketts-tells-local-governments-they-wont-get-federal-covid-19-money-if-they-require-masks/article_d15459b9-26df-527e-9899-9f579a3d8597.html#1

      Does this make sense? A county or town cannot mandate face coverings in the municipal offices or they will not get any of the Federal COVID monies that Nebraska got. This is from the governor of Nebraska.

      I mean really? You can’t make this stuff up.

      So we have a Democratic Governor who is pissing people off by not easing the mask restrictions for indoor public venues.

      Then we have a Republican governor who is tacitly and effectively encouraging the “you can’t make me not infect others” crowd by issuing a threat to local officials if they dare mandate a simple, effective method of protecting fellow citizens.

      Somehow, it seems that people are buying into the 1) Democratic hoax, 2) Bill Gates scam of injecting chips with “his” vaccine, 3) “it’s a Blue State problem”, 4) Soros “is got to be involved somehow” conspiracy, 5) “I’m young and invulnerable” theory, 6) “Biden is wearing a mask, but Trump is not” justification, 7) “it’s un-Constitutional” argument, 8) “it’s God’s will, so who cares” syndrome…

      This reminds me of the old joke about 2 passengers on a plane about to take off. One is sweating profusely and is really frightened about flying. His seatmate tries to soothe him with “Hey, when it’s your time to die, it’s your time”.

      The nervous man replied, while pointing to another person, “Yeah, but what if it is his time?”

      And these folks vote.

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  3. There is no question that facemasks help constrain the spread of Covid-19, but making a moral or political issue out of that is going too far. This practice of dividing people into “good” and “bad” groups on the basis of some iota of factual reality is a worse contagion than the virus.

    You can define the center of the universe by placing a jar on the ground, but it is absurd to do so.


    1. “… but making a moral or political issue out of that is going too far.”

      Tell that to the ones who refuse to wear a mask and are endangering others.

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        1. What is imprecise?

          Unless you can be absolutely certain you are not carrying the coronavirus, you should wear a mask to avoid infecting someone else who is old or otherwise vulnerable to serious illness.

          Not because the governor says so, but because it is the right thing to do.

          Doing what you know is wrong simply to defy the governor is not ethical or rational.

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        2. RE: “Doing what you know is wrong simply to defy the governor is not ethical or rational.”

          I agree: There is no good moral or political argument for refusing to wear a mask. But for the same reasons there is no good argument for judging such a person “bad.”

          What’s missing is the clear and demonstrable chain of causation to link the specific harm to one individual back to the personal responsibility of another. Consider the extreme case of a person who doesn’t wear a mask and is never infected and never spreads the infection. Or the more subtle case of the person who doesn’t wear a mask, spreads the virus widely, but none of the infected become ill. On what basis would you call either individual a “bad person”?

          The point is to avoid making generalized assertions of principle (first causes) based on merely valid correlations. That’s what I mean by “too imprecise.”


          1. The incubation period, often without symptoms, is longer than other virus pandemics.

            With this in mind, not wearing the mask poses a risk which others have to bear.

            If you know you are infected, yet still refuse to wear a mask or social distance, I think that would be morally wrong.

            With this virus, the only assumption would be that you are infected and the the response would be to wear a mask. Not doing so puts others at risk.

            Of course, not wearing a mask has now become a political statement as well. So advocates equate this act as a statement of personal freedom and, for many, personal solidarity with the president.

            So if you wanted to parade around town in the nude, an expression of personal freedom defying law and custom and offending people, it would not be acceptable. But not as potentially deadly.

            Nothing “imprecise” about that.

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  4. This would have been a much better post if politics had been left out of it. I can whole heartedly agree that it is disturbing going out and seeing mostly young people defy common sense by refusing to wear masks. I do not for a second believe they are all Trump supporters or government defiers so give it a rest for a bit. Okay? Most young people I come across now are entitlement minded and don’t care what you think.


    1. Hard to leave Trump out of the discussion since he mocks people for wearing a mask, and Trump himself refuses to wear one.

      I gave about 8 reasons for people not wearing a mask, not all were political unless you count Bill Gates’ plan to inject chips in people.

      “Most young people I come across now are entitlement minded and don’t care what you think.”

      Gee that reminds me of the leader of a large, industrial country with only 2 borders and 330 million people. I’ll let you fill in the blank.

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        1. I’m beyond old.

          OK, I will admit that Trump is the best president we have had since Obama left office.

          How’s that? And I did not have to lie, mislead or obfuscate. That is even better.

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          1. I guess that kind of crap is what I get for trying to extend an olive branch, be civil and be rational. Thanks for biting my hand and proving that you cannot find middle ground like the nihilists you support.


          2. Wow. You are sensitive.

            You get all over my butt about criticism against a Trump, and I try a little levity and sarcasm and you sound hurt.

            I’ll have to keep that in mind.

            Meanwhile, you might try to post a link and comment yourself to get a debate going.

            As far as middle ground, if we all sought that on a forum it would be snooze city. At least that is my take.

            All comments are welcome as are all viewpoints.

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    1. Nice rally. 1/5 the expected. This proves conclusively that “uneducated white males” does not mean complete idiots. But does show that 20% of the 70% that unconditionally support Trump are.

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  5. If masks go both ways when it comes to protection…why aren’t in/outpatients in hospitals given them?

    I’ve done a lot of dumb stuff in my life (57 years) and really remember medical professionals in the ER or hospital rooms wearing face masks. There were always 3 boxes of butt inspection gloves nearby and the nurses/doctors only when there was a chance to coming in contact with my body fluids (drawing blood or sticking thermometers in my mouth).

    Dentists and hygenists? They put gloves and masks on before work in my mouth.

    Prior to COVID19? The only times I wore a mask was while I was wood working (cutting and sanding or turning things on my lathe) or because it was an OSHA requirement while I doing something on active duty…and sometimes that required a specific filtering cartridge

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