What are the protests really about?

OK. First it was about George Floyd and police brutality. But then it was about racism, with Confederate Monuments and Memorials as a symbol.

But now its George Washington, Columbus, Ulysses S Grant, abolitionist Matthias Baldwin, Holocaust Memorials, and now even Francis Scott Key. It seems that the mob is bent on destroying history itself, everything not of their own invention, like the Taliban.

What is driving this?

Nihilism? Anarchism? Narcissism?

It certainly isn’t racial equality or justice any more. It is though nothing outside their own narrow millennial experience can be allowed to survive and no other point of view can be tolerated.

28 thoughts on “What are the protests really about?

      1. Statues are history? Wait, by the Southern statues-are-history logic shouldn’t we have statues of George III and Cornwallis otherwise we’ll forget who lost?

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  1. “ It certainly isn’t racial equality or justice any more…”

    It still is. The length and breadth of these protest worldwide means that this incident hit what may be a tipping point.

    Floyd’s murder was just another in a long line of police misconduct. It happened to be so egregious that it lighted a torch that is still burning weeks later.

    The numbers of non-Black participants everywhere is a telling sign that the younger generations are making the mark that in their world, shaky as it might be after 9/11, the financial meltdown in 2008, the pandemic, the economic crash, rising seas, etc. They are the future, and racism is not what they want in that world.

    Maybe idealistic musings to cynical older folks, but it is not up to us. We will be gone soon. As boomers, we are sort of an anomaly. We had the turmoil of the 60’s that started the erosion of faith in our government. Yet we were blessed with building incredible security and wealth for many of us. That is not the case anymore. Law schools are training great bartenders. Food supplies are chemically laced. Jobs are low wage. No pensions, unaffordable healthcare and education. And government is so low on the approval scale that the move is to find something else by improvement or replacement.

    I think we are seeing the beginnings of great changes. Not all are good, but changes nonetheless. And we can either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.


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    1. If this is the next generation taking over, then we will be led by idiots,

      Really, destroying a statue of Francis Scott Key is about racism?

      If this is about racism, then Grant and Baldwin should be their heroes.

      No, this is about totalitarianism, and destruction and suppression of opposing ideas rather than facing them.

      This is not a good thing at all, it is prelude to the loss of liberty and grinding, inescapable poverty.


      1. Let’s be a bit detached for a moment. There have been millions of protesters worldwide over the last weeks.

        Probably less than 100 statues worldwide, a few dozen in the US. Maybe a bit more or less.

        You are saying because a few hundred or even a thousand out of all those people tore down some statues that we are heading into totalitarianism. The same with the looters and violent folks. A tiny minority.

        For that matter, the bigger problem is with white counter protesters driving cars into crowds. There have been about 50 such incidents nationwide.

        Some examples of reactive counter protest violence:


        Yes, there are some head scratching incidents regarding statues, but in the main it is the removal of Confederate figures that were for the most part the result of revisionist “Lost Cause” history and blatant tactics to intimidate descendants of slaves.

        Remember the 60’s? The older generations were aghast and mad at the rebellions, demonstrations and some actual terror bombings. It turns out the war was a lie, the government was lying and Jim Crow got the heave ho. And yet, we survived.

        Got rid of the draft. Blacks were finally granted full citizenship. Nixon was dumped, Hoover was exposed, “it was morning in America”.

        I am more concerned about this virus and a president who is losing his grip on reality.


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  2. RE: “What is driving this?”

    The simplest answer I keep coming back to is Marxism.

    All the specific actions you mention are consistent with Marxist revolutionary theory and it is clear that the insurrectionists among the protesters are Marxists.

    I would go a step further to say that Marxian thinking is now mainstream, even among people who don’t consider themselves Marxists. An example would be those who support Black Lives Matter because they believe that “systemic racism” is real. BLM itself was created by self-admitted Marxists.

    Marxism in America has been growing as a political faction for a very long time. I think the revolutionaries among the movement see contemporary events as a breakout moment.


      1. RE: ” just like in Russia in 1917 when Czarist police killed wantonly.”

        No, more like the Bolshevic Revolution which became in short order the horror of Communist Russia.


    1. Nah, Marxism requires at least some thought.

      These fools aren’t smart enough to be Marxists, they just hate everything that exists to provide them the luxuries they enjoy and seek to destroy without a thought to replacing them with anything.


      1. RE: “Nah, Marxism requires at least some thought.”

        It doesn’t require much thought at all, unless one has intellectual pretensions. The basic economic theory is laughably fallacious, but anyone can grasp it: Workers don’t get paid what they deserve.

        As things currently stand, it is anti-Marxism that requires some thought.


  3. What I know. If I drive into a Southern town and see a statue of a white guy in 19th century clothing then I know he was a slaveowner who killed 1000s of his countrymen to perpetuate that ownership.

    If he is in early 20th century garb then he was either a member of the KKK, or responsible for legislation that suppressed the black and/or women’s votes… or both.

    Instant Southern History.

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          1. How do you know those persons were not segregationists? Just because they are ww1 or ww2 soldiers doesn’t make them proponents of civil rights.

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          2. Then, I will humbly apologize WHEN you can show me a statue of a desegregationist or an abolitionist, in any one of the 13 Southern states, erected prior to 1940. Remember, he has to be white…

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        1. Good post from VOX.

          Slavery and its nastier cousin, forced segregation via law, custom and terror after the Civil War, were excused via a combination of economic, political and religion rationales.

          This went on until 55 years ago. An apartheid unlike any in the industrial world. If that is not evidence of a racist culture that defined a large portion of our national personality then it would be hard to say what did.

          That we have never come to grips with that reality is obvious in our segregated neighborhoods, schools, and the rise of BLM so many years after the civil rights laws were passed.

          I think recognizing that statues and venues glorifying the attempt to keep slavery as an institution are no longer acceptable in public spaces is important. The “Lost Cause” is not history, it is a narrative designed to rewrite history.

          Time to put it to rest.

          And it’s remnants removed to museums and cemeteries.


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  4. These idiots don’t know what they are asking for and it is mind blowing that liberal government is cow towing to such for political purposes. Allowing CHAZ and even discussing defunding police?An example of such stupidity, beyond the new Seattle kill zone, is a LTE in the Pilot today from someone who thinks it is a great idea to defund all police, be nice and place any law enforcement in the hands of “well organized” local community agencies. Those are called War Lords you dope. Ask Somalia how that worked out. The sheer ignorance of this tear everything down movement can’t be put into words.


    1. …”don’t know what they are asking for”…

      I refer you to what Camden NJ did several years ago. THAT is what most people are looking for.

      As usual, it is the loudest that get the press. But moderate reforms to policing, as done in NJ, could work without completely eliminating police squads. Tear ’em done to rebuild ’em.


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