Environmental Justice??

Queen Zakia Shabazz

You will not find a more stunning example of ignorance of science, mathematics or economics anywhere, yet the Democrats passed legislation based on this.

Even if you totally eliminated all profits from utility companies you could not come close to covering the costs of “green energy” nor can you produce tens of thousands of high paying jobs in the energy industry and also lower rates.

True cost of green energy

11 thoughts on “Environmental Justice??

  1. Did we read the same piece? I did not see anything about “eliminating profits” from utility companies. I read it as a call for environmental justice. A concept I don’t think you fully grasp.

    As an example, the majority of pump and transfer stations for natural gas pipelines are located in low income areas. These tend to be some of the worst areas for pollution. Including that caused by leaking or necessary venting. ( I could invite you to the Queen Gas Field in NWPA as an example of the smell involved alone in natural gas prodction) Let’s say that VNG and Dominion want to put a transfer station for the ACP next to “The Compound”. I don’t think you would want something like that in close proximity to your property. You would fight tooth and nail to prevent it and you (and your neighbors) have the means to do so. Folks who live in low income areas do not have the means to fight so they get stuck with it. It is the NIMBY idea of pollution. “I know the pipeline is good and necessary for continued energy production, but I don’t want any of the infrastructure involved in my neighborhood.”

    All this opinion piece is saying is to stop taking advantage of low income people to ensure ALL have affordable energy. – IMO


    1. I read the piece as totally anti-Dominion and by extension, anti-utility company.

      I saw nothing there about siting of NG stations. But I did see a demand for “green energy” and at the same lower rates, which is simply impossible.


      1. You read it your way. I’ll read it with the idea that “environmental justice” is something that needs to be considered.

        I used the NG stations as an example of these things work. And you again proved that you do not understand the concept of environmental justice.


          1. Apparently not. The idea of environmental justice is something that effects all of us in the long run. You’re ignoring the concept is your choice.

            …”which is simply impossible.” Putting a man on the moon was once thought to be impossible. But hey. That was done in a Hollywood basement anyway.


      2. The problem with any power company is that they are not subject to competition. Unless we want to return to the era of thousands of power line from different companies crisscrossing the streets, then they need o be a regulated monopoly.

        Unfortunately, the political power that comes from big companies will make effective regulatory rules hard to enact and enforce.

        So we have a “political” alternative provided by the opposition from the investor/gated community crowd that determines our energy sectors.

        You disagree, of course, but then figure out how to make power companies competitive.

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        1. Sure, it’s not that hard.

          Make the grid a regulated public utility but let the companies compete to supply power.

          If I buy my power from ACME Electric and you buy yours from Omega, we use the same grid but ACME supplies enough power for its customers seasonal average demand, and Omega does the same. at the end of each month, if ACME undersupplied, it buys some power from Omega, or vice versa,

          Then you can you can buy your power from a company that uses windmills and I can buy mine from one that uses natural gas and nuclear, at the prices they charge in a competitive market.


          1. That is what some in Europe do to provide much cheaper and better internet and phone service.

            Those “socialist” countries.


  2. Ever notice there just has to be a racial “victim” in order to support and achieve “justice”? Bottom line is this lady hates Dominion and thinks, just by saying so, green energy will be cheap while full of high paying jobs and always available on demand which is a load of pig poop. This whole piece, including the act that was passed is full of ambiguity that can be interpreted very differently by anyone. Dont like your bill? Scream environmental injustice and sue. At least the lawyers like it though.


    1. No mention of race here, Mr. Smith. The closest thing to your contention was this phrase” “the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of every person, regardless of race, color, national origin, income, faith or disability, regarding the development, implementation or enforcement of any environmental law, regulation or policy.”

      And I did not mention race in my reply to the original post.


      1. Umm, yes there was. Reread it and then cry me a river. I didnt say you mentioned race, I said the opinion did…um, 4 times. What does energy policy have to do with “racial equality”? Nothing….


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