The Siege of the Third Precinct in Minneapolis, An Account and Analysis

Source: CrimethInc.

As tactics for protest policing improve, so do the tactics for protest warfare. The anarchist movement in America is sophisticated, intelligent, evolving and dangerous. Be careful what you support.

28 thoughts on “The Siege of the Third Precinct in Minneapolis, An Account and Analysis

  1. Sorry, but this phrase alone tells me there is no reason to read further.

    …”Day Three of the George Floyd Rebellion in Minneapolis”…

    A man was killed by a police officer. A man who was in custody and handcuffed. A police officer knelt on his neck for almost 9 minutes.

    I’ll just say you should heed your own advice: “Be careful what you support.”

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  2. scrolled down to teh bottom of the site to see soem background:

    “We believe that you should be free to dispose of your limitless potential on your own terms: that no government, market, or ideology should be able to dictate what your life can be. If you agree, let’s do something about it.”

    I see that you are pointing out that this is an anarchists article. My mistake.

    However, it is just another form of hijacking the message behind the real reasons for the worldwide protests.


    1. These protests are no longer about George Floyd, if they ever were. This is nothing but an anarchist/nihilist hissy fit by a bunch of losers who can’t make it in the marketplace.


      1. There are about 1000 people shot and killed by police in the US every year. The UK had about 24 killed in the last 2 decades.

        Similar cultures, lots of hooligans and fighters, poverty…but lots fewer people killed by police.

        With this is mind, Floyd was just the tip of an iceberg of police misconduct for decades. The demonstrators are hardly anarchists. For that matter, they are interested in the rule of law rather than street “justice” by police.

        This kind of unrest is not new, of course. What might be new, however, is that there is a possibility of some actual reform due to both the length of time and the worldwide attention to a problem we have had for a long, long time.

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        1. IMO, much of the protesting, and especially the rioting, has nothing to do with police misconduct in general either.

          I think the anarchists and nihilists have been looking for an excuse to throw a tantrum, and Floyd’s death gave them that. But the underlying motivation has more to do with their own failures in life than any specific compliant.


    2. RE: “This is nothing but an anarchist/nihilist hissy fit by a bunch of losers who can’t make it in the marketplace.”

      That depends which marketplace we’re talking about. I’d say the anarchists/nihilists are doing just fine in academia and media. Some may even be on the receiving end of government and private grant programs.

      In this instance, the thing to grasp is the willful exploitation of so-called “peaceful protesters” by a sophisticated enemy using the same tools of social psychology as law enforcement.


  3. What I find interesting is the media and liberal governments making an obvious choice to be extremely biased for politics. Pain staking coverage of, empathy and tacit approval of violent protesters destroying the town while demonizing anyone who is white who wants it to stop or relays a counter argument. Case in point, police are in search of who wrote WLM on the Arthur Ashe statue for prosecution but are told not to interfere with rioters and looters vandalizing or tearing down confederate memorials. ALL lives matter so endorsing BLM is merely racist pandering by gleeful liberals.


    1. Are you trying to play the victim card again?

      “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen…”.

      Being White in this country has been a “challenge” from the beginning. And now this. Oh when will our burden be lifted?

      Bottom line: All Lives Matter, so now the Black man wants to join that club. So let’s see: taxes paid…check; blood shed in wars…check; businesses and employees…check.

      I see no reason not to extend membership.


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          1. Well of course,

            The problem is that while all lives matter to you and me, there are millions of young people overcome with nihilism for whom no lives matter, including their own.


        1. I know there is a legitimate issue in the inner cities that is a result of single mothers, bad parenting, etc. And I know that the “War on Poverty”, though somewhat statistically successful, was poorly designed.

          Yet there is a reason why the black population has still lagged economically and it is not all driven by that community.

          Simply put, there are successful, professional African-Americans who can cite numerous tales of being stopped, frisked and questioned. Even in front of their own house. And these are the cases where the victims have enough wherewithal to survive.

          To say we have a race neutral society is a denial of reality. Is it better now than before 1965? Sure.

          Why is it still lingering? There is more than enough evidence of biases in lending, sentencing, schools, medicine, education, etc.

          Yes, there are advocates for the black community that may not be helping. Aggrieved whites hang on that to “prove” something.

          This Floyd issue is not just about that murder victim. What is getting people to demonstrate all over the world is the racism that is still pervasive everywhere.

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          1. If blacks are stopped by police more often than whites, whose fault is that?

            “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.” Jesse Jackson.


          2. It is the fault of that portion of the black population that commits such a disproportionate share of violent crime that even Jessie Jackson feels safer on the street with a white person than another, unknown, black.


          3. So skin color is the determining factor for harassing stops by police. And the reason is that some blacks commit crimes.

            So we all wait for the skin color to change and things will be peachy.

            Your quote from Jackson was from 1993 which coincided with a peak in violent crime nationwide. The rate has dropped precipitously by about half since then.

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          4. Total crime against persons has indeed gone down but the disproportionate crime rate for blacks still remains.

            I guess the Rev Jackson must have been racist.

            Or, he was pointing out the answer to this question. Police are more suspicious of blacks because a fraction of their number commit a disproportionate share of crime.

            And Jackson, being a rational person, takes that into account when walking alone on a dark street.


          5. That is all well understood. So until a small percentage of blacks shape up, all blacks will be condemned to 2nd class citizenship.

            Jackson’s comment made a point, but no solutions. Worse, it gave whites an excuse to harass all blacks because they just might be bad.

            You do realize that this excuse is really old. It smacks of fear by white men that every black person is dying to rape a white woman. And that marijuana makes the crazy.

            Not much progress.

            Every ethnic group from Irish to Central American has been tarred with being a violent threat to Americans. Irish gangs were notoriously violent. But after many generations, who can pick them out of a crowd except by name perhaps.

            Not so with African-Americans. Skin color hangs in for a while. Plus up until 55 years ago or so, it was illegal to intermarry. Even socializing could result in serious consequences.

            Kind of like starting from scratch in 1965.

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          6. Yes, it is unfair, but again, whose fault is that?

            If your walk home from the Naro could either pass through a Jewish neighborhood or a black neighborhood, which route would you take?

            Be honest, just like Rev Jackson.

            Yes, its awful, but it is is what it is.


          7. Understand. The problem in Park Place is poverty and the fact that as white flight took place, it was a neighborhood where blacks could actually move into because of affordability and segregation.

            Ghent, on the other hand is a liberal enclave of all creeds and colors. People mix quite well. Folks wear masks, stop for pedestrians and are generally civil and civic minded. And they have wealth.

            So money is a better predictor of safety in neighborhoods.

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          8. “If blacks are stopped by police more often than whites, whose fault is that?”

            SEN Tim Scott (R) – SC, stated he had been stopped 10 times in a one year period. Is that HIS fault?

            My son was stopped on several occasions because he had a black friend riding with him. No reason for the stop, like a tail light out or an expired registration sticker. My son was not harassed by the police, but his friend was.

            Think about that a minute before you ask who’s fault it is.


          9. It wasn’t an answer then and sure as hell isn’t an answer now.

            With your ability to not answer the question posed, you should run for office. You’d fit right in with the rest of the spineless, know-nothing Republicans who refuse to answer legitimate questions.


      1. Where exactly is “membership” disallowed? Provide facts not anecdotes. Victim card? Oh please. Obvious political white guilt party by media and democrats? Check.


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