There’s a vaccine for that?

Mr. Trump touts the development of an AIDS vaccine as proof that a vaccine for COVID-19 can be had by the end of the year. Ummmm.

“An AIDS vaccine does not yet exist. “

Let’s be honest we ALL want a vaccine developed that will effectively prevent contracting the Novel Coronavirus. We want it to be safe and effective. We want it as quickly as possible.

What we don’t need is fake cheerleading from the Oval Office and touting things that don’t exist as proof that good things are coming. We know the vaccine is being developed. Could be before the end of the year or early next. Operation WARP SPEED will go as fast as the science allows.

6 thoughts on “There’s a vaccine for that?

    1. Finally we agree

      The president, of course, has “misspoken” over 20,000 times since he took office. So it’s not like he hasn’t been given a ton of leeway.

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    2. Mr. Trump,

      Mr. Roberts officially issues you his FIRST pass for misspeaking. Congratulations. You may continue your lies, half-truths and misspokes to the American people with impunity. Black Lives Matter.


  1. Well, to paraphrase Orson Welles, “In the Republican Party, you’ve claimed 50 years of moral certitudes and intellectual superiority and what have you given us? Donald Trump.” I’d rather it have been the whole cuckoo clock.

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