Report: 28 Million Mail Ballots Went Missing in Past Decade

Source: Public Interest Legal Foundation.

There can be no logical or practical justification for widespread reliance on voting by mail. A predictable number of lost/missing ballots is enough to override all other considerations.

18 thoughts on “Report: 28 Million Mail Ballots Went Missing in Past Decade

  1. Attempted to link to the article and got a “403 – forbidden” message. Tried going directly to the homepage, but could not find the blog entry posted.

    Took a look at the website and group and see that they tend to be voter suppression experts who SAY they are all about voting integrity, but in actuality are all about doing the bidding of the GOP to keep voter rolls minimized. I think we saw some of this site’s information during the 2018 midterms. Most of it was shot down, if I recall.


    1. RE: “And then there is on it”

      Snopes points out a logical subtlety based on semantics, but it is irrelevant. The status of the missing mail-in ballots is both unknown and unknowable. No comparable circumstance exits with in-person voting where the act of showing up is a positive indication that a person intended to vote.


      1. You miss the semantics, which is quote surprising considering your record on using them, that “non-returned” ballots do NOT mean MISSING.

        They explained it clearly, but if you don’t read it that way, I can’t help you.


      2. …”where the act of showing up is a positive indication that a person intended to vote.”

        Florida, 2000. How many votes were tossed because the voter’s intention “wasn’t clear.”?


      3. RE: “‘non-returned’ ballots do NOT mean MISSING.”

        It does not mean a lot of things. For example, non-returned does not mean that a person intended to abstain from voting.

        What it does mean, however, is that the intentions of the voting public are less clear than they would be with in-person voting, which is the point that Snopes illogically obfuscates.


        1. As I shake my head at the fact you can’t stand that you and your voter suppression groups have been proven WRONG in the statement concerning the number of “missing” ballots, I start to feel sorry for you. Let’s just say I try to be a compassionate individual and not question your mental state.


  2. Only about 60% of the nation’s eligible voters voted in 2016.

    So an 80% participation rate by mail in ballots is a huge improvement.

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  3. The government doesn’t send you a ballot unless one is requested. The intent to vote is quite strong as you asked for one. Its a false analogy to compare missing ballots that were requested but never returned with the percent of the voting public who didn’t showed up in person since no one called the polling place, said I’m on my way and never showed up. So 28 million people just said naaah I changed my mind after getting a ballot they requested?


    1. Simple math answer to your question. The survey period was over a 10 year period, so that breaks down to 2.8 million ballots per year average. Nationwide. So potentially the answer to your question is “quite possibly”.

      How many people stepped into voting booths in November 2016, saw the 2 (top) names on the ballot, marked none of them and moved on to the other races?


      1. What exactly does someone stepping into a voting booth and not voting have to do with 2.8 million requested ballots not being returned? That is way more than enough to change the outcome of an election. Yes, I can do simple math, thank you.


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