8 thoughts on “The Floyd Riots Mark a Century of Communist Agitation

  1. We have a president who retweets racist and malicious messages, probably many from Putin’s closet of disinformation.

    So whether actual communism is the goal, or rather more likely, divisiveness, we have an experienced agitator in the Kremlin and a willing participant in the White House.

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    1. Where is the Russian connection in this story? The basic premise I got from it is the liberal “don’t let a good crisis go to waste” strategy for political gain that was used in the earlier 1920s case. Currently we have liberal cities allowing anarchist rioters to take over portions of their cities using the Floyd death as a backdrop for sympathy. Some business owners in them are complaining of being extorted to “join the cause” to operate. That has been walked back a bit by the police chief (wink, wink mayor and governor) that there are no “official” reports of it but who would officially complain if they have no protection.

      All Trump is doing is demanding the restoration of order. What exactly is “racist” about that?


      1. The Russian connection?

        The title hearkens back to the early days of the “Red Scare”. And Putin was ex-KGB during the pre-Gorbachov days.

        No “official reports” of a community protection racket? Do you have some unofficial links?

        PS: It is not up to Trump to determine how states enforce their laws. As a matter of fact, that stunt he pulled for the photo op probably could not have been done anywhere else but DC since the feds have some jurisdictional control over that city.

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