Why do some feel they have the right to infect others?


Texas cases are rising rapidly as they “open” the economy. Public mask wearing has become a political, not a medical, issue.

“As a senior citizen, are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping the America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren?’ Dan Patrick, Lt. Gov., Texas

Of course, the deaths may be 26% of those in assisted living, but that leaves 74% who are not. The rural states are now starting to feel the pain of the pandemic. Perhaps there really is a pandemic after all.

At least my experience is that Virginians try to adhere to masks, distancing, etc.

7 thoughts on “Why do some feel they have the right to infect others?

  1. “At least my experience is that Virginians try to adhere to masks, distancing”…

    I can attest to about 80% of my customers are coming in wearing masks. But this is a small business and we are not “enforcing” the rule. The owner is adamant about allowing people to decide for themselves, which is his prerogative.

    I do see more people wearing them at larger shopping venues (WALMART, Lowe’s, etc.). It will never be 100% because individuals make their own choices. Too bad not EVERYONE is allowed a choice in personal decisions.


  2. It can, in some circumstances be brave and noble to risk your life for a principle, but it is neither to risk someone else’s life for a principle he does not hold.


  3. There are exceptions to the mask rule such as you have extreme difficulty breathing in one but all the people I see here not wearing one can’t all be affected. Strange that you didn’t pick out Oregon, a liberal bastion, as an example of a virus spike since they have seen one of the highest spikes, far above Texas. Oregon has a mask requirement for businesses. What I find striking here is the people I see refusing to wear masks are almost all in their 20-40s.


    1. Oregon might have been another example. But that state has only had 5600 cases and 176 deaths, so it would not take too many to affect a change. Texas, on the other hand, has 90,000 cases with 2000 deaths so far. Texas has about 7 times the people but 18 times the cases.

      I think there are 22 states that are seeing spikes. Maybe more by now.

      I agree that it seems a lot of younger men, and some women, that don’t bother with masks. Yet families, with kids, seem to be pretty good about wearing them. And of course us old folks.

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      1. There were 18 today with weekly increases over the prior when I looked today. California, Oregon especially, Nevada were included. Don’t make it political please.


    2. …”the people I see refusing to wear masks are almost all in their 20-40s.”

      Could they because they keep getting told the virus doesn’t effect them? But they also forget that while they may not get sick themselves, they can spread it to others with very little effort.

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