Potemkin journalism and MacGuffins


For those who tend to malign mainstream media, this piece is reason to give you pause and make you think. Just a little. Maybe.

7 thoughts on “Potemkin journalism and MacGuffins

  1. “These stories are not designed to lead to an outcome—an inquiry, a conviction, a change in policy. They exist to seed the internet with culture-war talking points.”

    This is what Trump has been doing most of his life. From the phony “reports” from John Baron, his made up name for the tipster about his own “triumphs” in the real estate industry, to the accusations of the old man knocked down as being an Antifa subversive. (Or, more egregiously, impugning a dead woman’s reputation in his efforts to tag Scarborough with being a murderer.)

    He purposely wants Americans, his fellow citizens, to be so confused that they will never know who to believe. This, of course, being his infamous bragging point to Leslie Stahl.

    The president and his enabling, right wing media darlings don’t care about truth, just reactions. The more, the better.

    Then, as the article points out, when proved wrong he and they move on to the next lie.

    Unfortunately for America, his lies about the coronavirus being not an issue up until it obviously was, was not the kind of lie that we could “move on” from. Certainly not those in the statistic numbering 116,000 and counting.


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    1. …”from John Baron”…

      Wait. Is that where he came up with the name of his youngest son? He reused his alias to name his son? So basically there are 2 Donald Trump, Jr.’s.


  2. MSM is full of half stories and sound bites to support an agenda. I see and hear it EVERY day with my own eyes and ears. A little investigation proves time and time again that there is more to the story than the view the left wants to portray and the “Atlantic”, a typical liberal rag, points fingers? Why should anyone pause to consider BS from perpetrators of BS? Opinions are just that, opinions.


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