A Presidency is a Terrible Thing to Waste

National Review editor, Rich Lowry, writing in POLITICO, expresses his pain over DJT. You can feel it in his piece. He has evolved from a never-Trumper to a regular apologist. But now he sees what is happening :


If only he had been warned.

18 thoughts on “A Presidency is a Terrible Thing to Waste

  1. I don’t disagree with Lowry on the self inflicted wounds, but he hasn’t lost yet.

    One really big factor will be that even though all the experts told us it would take 18 to 24 months to get a COVID-19 vaccine, we will have one by October. and it will be very visibly because President Trump pushed the FDA aside and went ot the private sector.

    Maybe we can even have people get the vaccine while in line at the polls 🙂


    1. Actually vaccines normally take about 5 years. And they are researched and developed by Big Pharma.

      Now the research is worldwide. The winner, or winners, will have a huge market right off the bat, so the costs will be recouped faster than vaccines in the recent past. We will certainly have some kind of vaccine much faster than normal.

      I don’t know that the FDA was “pushed aside”. After 3 years, the FDA and CDC are his responsibility as they have been since January, 2017. Just like everything else the government was ready for, not ready for, mistakes and successes. Did Trump have anything to do with the Oxford research that seems pretty close?

      In my opinion, the urgency was great, to say the very least. Fast tracking a vaccine would be the logical choice from day one. Which “day one” depends upon the administration.

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      1. Actually, Oxford is at best third. Moderna is starting phase 3 and production in July. Johnson & Johnson is about a month behind.

        What is different this time is that the FDA has been required to be responsive and production costs for the top 3 are guaranteed so production can run alongside phase 3.

        And no, the FDA is not Trump’s responsibility. It has a great deal of autonomy that could only be overcome by declaring an emergency. It is second only the the IRS in entrenched power.


          1. I want him to do his job instead of campaigning to keep his job, which he has been doing since January 2017. You doubt that; count the rallies that had nothing to do with anything except getting re-elected.

            My point is that he seized the DOJ and did not the FDA in the pandemic response. He is using the DOJ to fight his political opponents and non-supporters. He should have used what power he does wield to get the FDA straight.


        1. The administration is the president’s responsibility, period.

          For a Libertarian who praises the virtue of responsibility you give a Trump a huge pass.

          You readily blamed Obama for every transgression the bureaucracy might have committed. This includes your example of the autonomous IRS when it denied or delayed the slew of phony “charitable” and “educational” right wing propaganda organizations for getting tax free status.

          You want it both ways.

          One of the duties a president has is to administer. He is responsible for his appointees, like Azar. Who, in turn, is responsible for overseeing our preparedness for public health, among others.

          Every president, except Trump, accepts this as a part of being president.

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          1. RE: “The administration is the president’s responsibility, period.”

            Technically, the regulatory agencies are created by and answerable to Congress. Some, myself included, regard this delegation of authority as Constitutionally defective. We see it as a root cause of bureaucratic inertia because the agencies in fact serve two different masters.

            Who really “wants it both ways” here? Your claim, as quoted, amounts to convenient scapegoating.


          2. “ …he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…”

            The presidents job is to see that this is done. If Congress approves a cabinet level position, then the execution of that function is his job.

            No mystery. Just responsibility.

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          3. …”regulatory agencies are created by anad answerable to Congress”

            But they all fall under the purview of the Executive Branch, and therefore they are also answerable to POTUS. And if they are “answerable to Congress” as you state, then why don’t they? Simple answer: DJT will not allow them to be overseen. They do not serve two different masters. THey serve POTUS and are answerable to Congress.

            Constitutionally speaking, it is SUPPOSED to be both ways.


          4. Trump had many elements of the Deep State to dismantle and restructure. He could not possibly have done all of them in one term. Just give him time. Whatever he doesn’t get to in his second term. Ivanka will deal with in her first.


          5. Deep state? Baloney.

            Deep paranoia maybe, particularly for a president who demand adulation but takes every criticism as evidence of some conspiracy.

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          6. RE: “No mystery. Just responsibility.”

            Like I said, your argument is merely convenient. You regard Obama’s abuses of executive power as acceptable but accuse Trump of irresponsibility.


          7. “You regard Obama’s abuses of executive power as acceptable but accuse Trump of irresponsibility.”

            Excuse? Perhaps in some cases since Congress was in complete lockdown mode to destroy his presidency. But if they were overridden by the courts, Obama did not coming crying about Mexican judges and other crap.

            Still, even if I excused Obama for anything, that doesn’t give a green light for Trump to not bother with his duties and, yes, responsibilities.

            That seems reasonable to me.

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  2. “It will mostly be because he took his presidency and needlessly drove it into the ground, 280 characters at a time.”

    Lowry makes a very good point.

    It has been said that the coronavirus crisis was the first one of this administration that was not created by Trump, so he had little idea about how to handle it.

    Of course, the economic crisis is just the result of the virus. Not his fault for the crash, certainly. But getting us out of it will be a test.

    Then along comes the murder of Mr. Floyd. Again, not his fault, but he has been pretty clueless about handling the massive outpouring of protests and the sporadic violence that comes with the territory.

    “The St. John’s Church visit might have been poorly thought out and politically counterproductive, but who can doubt that it was a jaw-dropping spectacle? The clip of him holding up the Bible will be replayed for years.”

    Lowry was being kind. Just because something is a jaw dropping spectacle, does not make it a success. “Access Hollywood” was jaw dropping also. But at least no gas was used.

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    1. “Lowry was being kind.”

      Like I stated in the lede, he went from a solid Never-Trumper to a spineless apologist. His “being kind” is his way of not pissing off Trump or his supporters who still read NR or POLITICO.


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