TheBulwark: Where is the DOJ Civil Rights Division?

Benjamin Parker asks a very legitimate quesiton.

One of his points should really get people who know how to think to do so: “Looting, vandalism, and even assault are all state crimes, not the responsibility of the Justice Department or the attorney general. (Emphasis added) (Rioting can, in certain instances, be a federal crime, but even senior Justice Department officials are quick to grant that the statute has some friction with the First Amendment and must be interpreted and applied carefully.) Even if it’s salutary for the nation’s chief law-enforcement officer to use his stature and authority to decry violence, Barr went several steps further, pledging that “federal law enforcement efforts are focused on the violent instigators.””

Condemn the violence, by all means. But that should include the violence visited on peaceful protesters by law enforcement. Not to mention the reasoning behind the protests in the first place.

11 thoughts on “TheBulwark: Where is the DOJ Civil Rights Division?

  1. Civil order is a state issue of course. The DOJ needs to step in only when the states are denying basic civil rights to its citizens.

    I don’t know what is going to come of this, but with the protests against racism going on all over the world, including removal of statues, the Floyd murder has certainly started a movement that should bear some kind of fruit.


    1. But the investigative powers are not being exercised to determine if further action is needed from DOJ. Barr’s focus is on ANTIFA, which is a big fat red herring. Here are a lot of antagonists involved here and they really need to look at all of them. His use of the word ANTFA to describe the majority of problem children is inaccurate and just a way to keep Trump from having to say it himself.


  2. RE: “Benjamin Parker asks a very legitimate question.”

    All questions are legitimate. In this case, the answer is simple and straightforward. DOJ interest in the protests is based on the information it has about the protesters.

    Benjamin Parker doesn’t know what he’s talking about because he doesn’t know what DOJ is investigating. We will all have to wait for the process to play out and the results to be disclosed before making judgements.

    Parker’s column is premature and inflammatory.


    1. …”information it has about the protesters.”

      All of their information shows little to no ANTIFA involvement. The only proven provocateurs were the 3 right wing loonies who planned to disrupt the Vegas protest.


    2. Barr made it pretty clear what they are looking for. Nice attempt to gloss over what has been said publicly by Trump’s Roy Kohn.

      But again, they are not a federal problem. Racist tendencies in policing are.


  3. So, what you’re saying is that President Trump should presume all those Democrat mayors and governors are corrupt racists and step in before they have a chance to enforce the laws at the state level?


    1. Nice attempt at pulling a Walter Williams.

      What the DOJ should be looking into is the root cause of the protest: Illegal police violence against American citizens.

      The rioting and looting are STATE crimes, not federal. Police forces that overlook, bury (see Louisville and the investigation of the Taylor killing), and allowing the transfer of bad cops to other jurisdictions need to be looked at a lot harder than a few “bad apples” who have used the legitimate protests to advance their criminal agenda.


      1. Again, those incidents occurred in cities that have been run by Democrats for decades.

        Do you want President Trump to step in and overrule those city and state governments instead of allowing them to work out their own solutions?

        Wouldn’t that be indicative of a judgment that the Democrats who run those cities are either racists or incompetent?


        1. Keep trying. But you miss the point of the post.

          The DOJ Civil Rights Division is tasked with looking into issues of civil rights violations by police departments, not into the looting and rioting that has dropped off considerably.

          And political party has noting to do with it. I could make a similar argument that GOP run states are seeing massive spikes in COVID-19 cases. It’s not about party, it’s about the proper tasking of a part of the DOJ that has been silent on the issues of corrupt police departments and racial animosity within the ranks of the departments.


          1. The DOJ has jurisdiction when criminal activity crosses state lines or when Local or State governments corruptly deny the civil rights of citizens. These incidents nearly all happen in cities and states under Democrat control..It is the duty of the city and the state governments to act when individual policemen violate rights, the DOJ can step in only when the city or Sate have a pattern of allowing the violation of rights.

            So, are you declaring that the DOJ should investigate Democrat mayors and governors? I am fine with that, no telling how much rot will be found once they start.

            As to the looting and rioting, there is a great deal of evidence that they are being sponsored across state lines. The same rioters are being arrested in numerous states and do not have the means to cover the costs of travel and bail themselves, so I would very much like to see the DOJ determine who is sponsoring these acts of domestic terrorism.


          2. Quit pointing fingers. It doesn’t help the situation and shows your complete and total blindness to corruption ANYWHERE it happens. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen in Democratic controlled states or cities. It happens everywhere. Basis for an investigation into police brutality exists, then the investigation needs to occur. Barr has the DOJ so wrapped up in protecting Trump, it is not fulfilling its mission to the American people.

            …” there is a great deal of evidence that they are being sponsored across state lines”

            Not buying that argument one bit. Where is all of this evidence? Even the DOJ has no evidence to show ANTIFA is the problem. You keep spitballing crap with no support, or questionable sources (Infowars and Fox News come to mind right off the top of my head.)

            There is no sponsorship of what you insist on referring to as domestic terrorism. There is also no “domestic terrorism” statute. And the most organized groups are actually on the far right or anarchists in general. There is a difference between being anti fascist and anti government.

            Some of your posts lead me to think you fall closer to the anti-government side than the anti-fascist side.


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