Speaking of photo-ops

Pandering Democrats faking solidarity

Do they really think black Americans are that easily manipulated? What’s next, legislating in blackface? How phony can you get?

24 thoughts on “Speaking of photo-ops

  1. I saw this pop up when it was happening. I wondered what the significance of the stole was. I was on the way out to prune some trees and cut the grass. When I returned I was educated on the stole. Not from Fox News but by African Americans that are still close to their ancestry. I had never heard of Kenta cloth. Now I do. Wow, what a load of crap.


  2. No more easily manipulated as low-educated white males. Oh wait, no you’re right. Black voters are not that easily swayed. The proof is above.

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  3. Trump’s Bible show was “leadership” or is a phony display of hucksterism. Pick one.

    The kneeling Democrats with kente cloth shows “solidarity” or is a phony display of hucksterism. Pick one.


    Disclaimer: it has been brought to our attention that only one of those displays required batons, pellet grenades and irritant gas to execute.

    Please don’t let that cloud your thinking.

    Or let it.

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      1. Your “surrender” idea notwithstanding, I prefer our leaders to show solidarity with ALL of their constituents. As opposed to attacking peaceful protesters exercising their First Amendment rights. A right, I might add, that allows you to freely tout your pro-gun rhetoric.

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      2. What do you think would have happened has police and other sundry officials with various badges had gassed, toss pellet grenades and pushed the gun rights crowd from the Virginia Capitol grounds so Northam could march across for a photo op to “show strength and leadership”?

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  4. RE: “How phony can you get?”

    Reality returned when the geriatric pols tried to stand up after kneeling for nine minutes. As a wag at American Thinker put it yesterday, the faltering hipsters needed help, as in the old TV commercial, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”


      1. When asked about Mattis’ letter, except for a couple, the rest said they didn’t know about, didn’t have time to read it, “on my way to meet a hot date”, “I have a corn on my right foot”, “Trump will destroy me”, “I am scared and just wet my pants…gotta go”.

        There is proof that at the swearing in ceremonies, Republican Senators and Congress members had their left hand behind their backs, fingers crossed.

        That’s what I’ve been told…everybody know that…look it up…

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        1. There is a strength in kneeling that you don’t understand. And Orwell was a fiction writer. So your fantasy statement is based in fiction. As are many of your other posts.

          And there is something I learned a long time ago. “Don’t take my kindness as a sign of weakness.”

          And yet you have nothing to say of the true weakness of the GOP Senators who are so afraid of Trump they apparently don’t even know what the right thing to do is.


          1. As if the GOP doesn’t pander. But to big corporations and the top 1%. You may call it policy. But it is pandering. And to deny that is to remain willfully blind to it. They have completely lost their way and may never find their way back.

            You can call it whatever you want. I opine your rhetoric to be, again, hypocritical.


          2. You can’t pander to people who simply want to keep what they have justly earned. You can only pander to those who want government to give them what they have not earned.


          3. You can pander to those who do not want to be good stewards and to help the economy grow as a whole.

            They may have built the companies, but thee infrastructure they rely on was built with tax dollars. And without that infrastructure, their businesses would be nowhere. Infrastructure IS in the Constitution. Back then they were post roads.


  5. This whole thing has been milked far beyond its usefulness. A classic “let no crisis go to waste” moment gone awry. A man died in police custody, the police involved have been rightfully charged. Let the law run its course. That is it!!! It is not a reflect of all police nor a reflection of supposed injustice or “racism” towards black people. I can easily bet those crying systemic racism can’t provide any proof of such nor even know what it is, just something to scream about. Stop the madness and move on. Geeesh, MLK didnt get this much left wing attention.


    1. Your denial is noted. You may not be a racist, but you sure are one who claims it doesn’t exist. Easy for you to do as you have never been a victim of it.


      1. I tell you what, it is getting awfully hard not to be racist with all of the racist crap coming from BLM and your community. Throw in obviously phony charades like the House did to kiss ass for votes is even more barf worthy. You know they think the black community is just full of idiots and you almost prove them right by your and BLMs actions.


        1. You obviously are not anti-racist. But the again My community doesn’t want people like you as a part of it.

          Instead of watching only the bubble that says it is all the riots, maybe you should pay attention as to the WHY the fucking protests started in the first place. The message is getting overshadowed because people like you seem to WANT the rioting to continue. Then you can blame BLM, ANTIFA and anyone else that Trump and his minions in the Trump-o-sphere tell you to hate.

          The us v them card has got to stop. You are just as guilty than anyone else of using it. Maybe more.


          1. Put down the crack. The paranoia and delusions are getting very boring. Time for night night already (yawn)


          2. Your personal attack is noted. It will be ignored by the moderators but I have noted it.

            Also, your inability to hold a civil conversation with someone you disagree with is more of a reflection on your inability to think for yourself. If Fox and Rush and OANN tell you to jump, you head for the nearest cliff.

            Oh. And Fuck you.


          3. Let’s try to be a bit more civil.

            It does not good to get reactive and escalate insults going back and forth.

            In time, it becomes abouth the personal insults and the issue at hand gets lost.


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