Sometimes I hate being right

Fort Worth drops charges against rioters

It happens every time, this time Fort Worth is first, but it will be the same most places. No consequences for rioting guarantees the next riot.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes I hate being right

  1. Before you bask in too much glory, it might be good to find out what the arrests were for. Does it include the looters caught with goods after smashing a store window?

    Or are they just like so many who were swept up in the melee. There are plenty of videos in which police attacked people trying to get out of the way. Or press trying to cover the demonstrations.

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    1. There are lots of links for the Dallas story. Most of them talk about the way police hemmed in the demonstrators allowing no exit, then mass arrests.

      Also, the Dallas police were very aggressive with tear gas and rubber bullets. There is not much mention of looting.

      I suspect the overreacting by the police may have been the problem.

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    2. The article says “all”

      I agree that if they think the police goaded protestors, it might be reasonable to drop charges against someone who threw a brick at a police CAR but not someone who threw a brick at a policeMAN. Show leniency to someone who sprayed graffiti on a store window, but not on someone who burned a store.

      But dismissing charges on the whole spectrum invites a repeat. Dropping charges should be on a case-by-case basis.


      1. I just don’t know enough about the reasons. There were demonstrations in about 75 cities. I am sure there will be more info coming.

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