Georgia primary election fiasco a sample of the November one.

“…reliance on voting by mail “will be extremely devastating to Republicans and conservatives.” Georgia Speaker Ralston.

4 hour lines, not enough machines, absentee ballot applications and ballots not received in time, late opening of polls…oh, yeah, let the campaign to destroy our faith in elections begin.

Maybe we need international monitors like we support for Third World state elections.

Confuse Americans so they won’t know who, or what, to believe. Trump strategy 101 from the trip down the escalator show. Corollary 102, screw up the elections, particularly in minority districts.

What fun.

22 thoughts on “Georgia primary election fiasco a sample of the November one.

      1. “Sux gettin’ old…”

        Could not agree more. But, hey, old or not I’m thankful for the pleasure of another day.
        Now, what ACTUAL day is it…? Smile

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    1. 75 yo old ‘peace protestors’ shouldn’t reach for a policeman’s belt. Or walk up on the police line when ordered to leave the area.

      Watch the video. The policeman could not know what his intentions were when he approached and then reached down below the officer’s line of sight. Of course the policeman pushed him away. It is unfortunate that he fell and was hurt, but what was the officer supposed to do? Hope the guy wasn’t reaching for something dangerous?

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      1. Hard to tell why he was leaning in with his cell phone.

        I guess he is the Antifa riot squad the police are looking out for.

        Kind of cavalier the way multiple police just walked on and watched him twitch and bleed.

        These sad numbers are oft repeated:

        “According to The Counted, the Guardian’s special project to track every police killing this year, there were 59 fatal police shootings in the US for the days between 1 January and 24 January.

        According to data collected by the UK advocacy group Inquest, there have been 55 fatal police shootings – total – in England and Wales from 1990 to 2014.“

        That is nothing to be proud of. But it might explain your video.

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        1. Nothing cavalier about it. The officers in the front line kept their focus forward and one of the supervisors following stopped and called for help. Everyone was doing their job.


      2. I said the same thing a couple days ago. The officers weapon is holstered on that side. I’m sorry he was injured but one does not approach an officer in that setting and reach towards his weapon. That is never going to end well.


  1. RE: “let the campaign to destroy our faith in elections begins.”

    Unless you believe in unprovable things, there’s precious little evidence to support the conspiracy theory you are promoting.

    As described in the story, this fiasco probably can be blamed entirely on the introduction of new technology which the users didn’t understand.


    1. …”probably can be blamed entirely on the introduction of new technology which the users didn’t understand”….

      It could also PROBABLY be blamed on Georgia’s recent efforts to suppress the vote in Democrat leaning voting areas. That is where the majority of the issues were.

      Either way, what happened yesterday is unacceptable in a society where citizens should be guaranteed the right to vote.

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      1. “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” — Hanlon’s razor

        Had the voting machines worked properly, the postal snafu would have been inconsequential. To allege conspiracy requires evidence, which is lacking here.


        1. Conspiracy requires evidence.

          Truer words are hard to find.

          Unfortunately, our leader seems to relish in conspiracies and even retweets them to the delight of his base I am sure.

          Evidence? Don’t need no stinking evidence.

          I think a conspiracy to screw voters is hard to pin down. But that is not the question.

          We have had top Republicans, including the president, who have openly lamented mail in voting in blue states. They don’t mention that many red states already have it in place, but I guess the expectation is that they will win those regardless.

          Republicans in various places at various times have tried to purge rolls in favor of Republicans, removed polling places in minority districts, …i.e., targeting minorities with “surgical precision”.

          That is not a conspiracy, that is a fact, on the record.

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          1. RE: “I think a conspiracy to screw voters is hard to pin down.”

            In other words, you admit to promoting conspiracy theories you can’t prove. Irresponsible.


          2. He’s used factual evidence every step of the way. You on the other hand use questionable evidence for every single conspiracy theory you have tossed out there. Pot, meet kettle.


        2. …”postal snafu would have been inconsequential”

          This reads quite simply that absentee ballots are inconsequential. Members of the active duty military who are serving outside of their home states will be very happy to hear that.

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          1. RE: “This reads quite simply that absentee ballots are inconsequential.”

            Only to you, I suspect. Mr. Rothman is the one conflated the postal snafu with the problems with the voting equipment, as if they were related. But neither of you can show that the two events are related.


          2. There are apparent efforts to suppress the vote in Georgia. Why were the problems primarily in Democratic leaning districts? Why were some absentee ballots sent out with PRE-SEALED return envelops? Why were polling places in predominantly black districts closed?

            And you referring to a postal snafu as being inconsequential is just a simple rationalization on your part that the continuing apparent voter suppression in Georgia is just fine by you.

            I would have been incensed if any of my absentee ballots over the 24+ years of voting absentee in PA were caught up in a snafu.

            And if you don’t like my interpretation of your words, maybe you should find some new ones to make a valid point.

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          3. Boy, sarcasm is sure lost on some folks. I guess I will alert people first.

            “New fangled postal system” was just that. Of course it is not new. And it is not to blame. They can only deliver what and when they receive mail.

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