The Trump Regime Is Beginning to Topple

Source: The Atlantic.

Were I to tell you we are living through an orchestrated color revolution in America, I would be called a conspiracy theorist, the moniker intended to discredit the observation. But here is a presumably mainstream publication drawing the exact same parallel.

The best way to understand this piece — especially it’s unabashed triumphalism — is as recruitment propaganda. Seen in that light, the piece is truly pathetic.

It is a last gasp, a dying breath, the wretched effort of the losing side to reclaim whatever is left of its dignity. Given the options before us in November, the “regime” is not likely to be toppled.

9 thoughts on “The Trump Regime Is Beginning to Topple

  1. I think that there are more and more Republicans that are speaking out against a feckless regime.

    This, considering the sway of fear that Trump has nurtured among GOP pols, is telling.

    This multiple crises that have besieged us could have damaged even the most popular president. But for one with support from only about 2/5ths of the nation, the current situation is devastating.

    I think the regime has no idea on how to handle, or juggle really, such blows to our nation’s health, economy or civil security. And it shows.

    His rambling, almost incoherent Rose Garden “non-press conference” press conference was a sign of great weakness. As was the brutal, hurried clearing of a path for him to march for a photo op. Strong, secure and stable regimes don’t go for the showboating. They have proven their mettle.

    This administration… not so much.

    And just for the proverbial icing on the cake, Biden gave the speech we needed to hear from our president.

    IMHO, of course.

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    1. He just cannot help himself. What on earth did he hope the upside down-backward, bible-holding, ridiculous photo-op would get him?

      Obviously, a thought skips across his skull for a micro second and he has to set some silly-nilly action in place without any more thought.

      We need a real president and not this pitiful fellow who has not had a clue since day one about what ACTUAL, fit-for-the-job president’s do.

      America has been nothing but screwed since ‘djt’ and his bunch slithered into the WH.

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    1. I think if there were any incriminating evidence we would have heard by now. I suspect Durham has come to the similar conclusion as the IG for DOJ: there is very little there other than some sloppy investigative work and maybe a little of the same stuff average Americans suffer at the hands of police every single day.

      “I don’t expect Mr. Durham’s work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man,” [Barr] also added.“

      He wouldn’t say that unless he had already a good idea of Durham’s findings.

      Not saying you need to worry. I don’t really worry if Trump gets re-elected particularly since he will have a Democratic Congress, Senate included of course, that can exercise their Constitutional duties for a change.

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  2. Trump is headed to retirement. The party is not obligated to run a nutsack.
    “If something were to happen to the presumptive nominee before the convention, the parties have a plan — they’d proceed as normal and use the convention to pick the nominee. And if something happened after the convention but before the election, there’s a plan for that, too — national party committees would step in.”

    The question is the DNC reaction to a Romney draft.

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