How does the MSM respond to abuse of power?

Washington Times: Outrage

By employing the conspirators to weigh in on their own malfeasance.

Lisa Page hired as legal analyst by MSNBC  

That will certainly shed a fair light on the weaponization of the DOJ and intelligence services.

Journalism is dead

20 thoughts on “How does the MSM respond to abuse of power?

  1. The Washington Times link is about emotional support llamas.

    So Lisa Page is with MSNBC? Heck, half of FOX works for the administration. Or used to if they haven’t been fired for “insufficient obsequiousness”.

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          1. Well, neither Antifa and their opposites in the anti-government militias give a hoot about the US. So I would not be too concerned.

            BTW it sounds like the yahoos who were perpetrating violence are facing some serious charges.

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  2. RE: “Journalism is dead.”

    A few years ago an American journalist in Moscow wrote a profile of his counterparts employed at Pravda, then the official state publication. Few in his telling were idealistic. Most accepted their role as propagandists with the attitude that propaganda was just part of the job of Journalism (with a capital J). Some wrote UFO and Bigfoot stories just like the American tabloids, and for the same reasons (because such stories sell newspapers). They loved their jobs and to the extent they contemplated at all the lies they wrote, they viewed them as vaguely patriotic, each according to his own lights.

    The profile reminded me of Hannah Arendt, the political philosopher who coined the phrase, “the banality of evil.” And in truth, one could hardly tell the difference between Pravda and The New York Times then, or today.

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    1. Banality of evil.

      Certainly fitting description for Barr’s actions to command the gassing and forcing citizens to make way for the leader.

      I know. He said “get it done”, not “do it”.

      He was just “following orders”.

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      1. There is a difference between peaceably assembling and denying a public space to others by throwing dangerous objects at the police.

        Regardless of what Barr’s exact words were, the decision to move the protestors back from the area where the new fences was being installed had been made and announced 3 times to the protestors before Barr spoke.


        1. Yeah, well Trump’s “mission accomplished” moment using force, gas, batons has probably been his defining moment.

          You loved it. Most of us saw a petty man, insecure, clueless and concerned for his ego.

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          1. No, but I don’t think he dictated the details of when and how the crowd was dispersed.

            The Park Police have said they had already made the announcements to leave the park and started the process before Barr ordered it and that they weren’t informed Trump would be coming prior to that move.


          2. When Al Capone ordered a person maimed or killed he didn’t necessarily tell Nitti when and where to do it. “Just do it”.

            It’s pretty obvious that the plan to walk in the park needed to remove demonstrators before the curfew. Good lighting and all that stuff for a photo op.

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          3. …”has come lose from reality”…

            Where is the evidence of this? There is none. If there were you would have provided it the first four times I asked.

            It is YOUR side that has come loose from reality. And has been since souls were sold to Donald J. Trump.


          4. You can not speak for “most of us.” You seem to do that a lot. Let me tell you brother, you can’t assume that you are smarter than the folks on this blog. You are not.


          5. “Most of us” refers to the people both in the majority, Democrats, and those who don’t support or approve of the president, which is about 55% – 60%. And this has been the case since he was elected. He did lose the popular vote by about 2.5 million, so there is that, too.

            That is why I say “most of us”.

            You are the only person who seems to think that I feel smarter than others. Why is that?

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          6. ” You are not.”

            Just because you disagree with what he posts does not mean he is wrong. If you took the time to comprehend the words he uses, as opposed to JTR who uses lots of words that say very little (IMO), he is a lot smarter than you give him credit for.

            But then again, if you can’t comprehend what he is saying, then I guess you have your excuse.


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