Jane Goodall expresses concern over virus and our food supply systems.


Zootonic sources for new diseases is likely to continue and get worse with our present systems of food supply and deforestation.

Although antibiotics is not a virus issue, other bacterial diseases are becoming more and more difficult to treat because of our rampant overuse of the “miracle of modern medicine” used to fatten cows cheaply.

That is not the main issue of her concern, of course. But as we get closer and closer to blending the wild and domesticated foods, we risk many COVIDS in the coming years. We now know that our real “enemy” is us and the microbial world is not to be trifled with.

23 thoughts on “Jane Goodall expresses concern over virus and our food supply systems.

    1. And the zootonic pandemics are just a Chinese plot to destroy their markets.

      And antibiotic were invented to fatten our cows eating corn which they can’t digest.

      And clearcutting the remaining rainforests are good for the environment.

      I think I understand.


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  1. So who the heck is Jane Goodall and why should I care about what she/he (you never know these days) thinks?


    1. She studied primates and is the world recognized expert on chimpanzees and their social structures.

      You don’t have to care about anything. But in her opinion, this pandemic is not just a random event. Our actions have a lot to do with the surge in zootonic diseases we’ve seen and, according to her, will continue to see.

      If you were to get a nasty staph infection, you might appreciate part of her concerns. We have few antibiotics that can cure you.

      We have flooded the human community with antibiotics for food production profits without paying attention to the unexpected consequences.

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      1. There are numerous reasons why certain microbes have developed resistance to antibiotics. Food production applications are not a leading cause. And not all Staph infections are antibiotic resistant. There are many other sources of information dealing with drug resistant bacteria that I would trust a lot more than Jane Goodall. Her credentials are, to say the least, limited in this area.


        1. I checked on antimicrobial resistance and of course you are correct.


          Agricultural uses are a suspected factor in that overuse adds to the problem. Whether it is a main or even significant one is apparently still being researched.

          Goodall’s biggest concern was not with antibiotics, but rather the threat of zootonic infections.

          I probably editorialized too much.

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          1. I too thought that animal feed would have been farther up the list. Having worked in the microbiological field after college I knew the top reasons for drug resistant bacteria was over prescribing and misuse. I still cringe when I hear someone describe common cold (viral not bacterial) symptoms and then run to the doctor for antibiotics. And after a few days, after the virus has run it’s course and they feel better, they stop taking the antibiotics. A big nono. During my childhood years I don’t remember anyone in my family going to the doctor for cold like symptoms. All of my antibiotic prescriptions were the result of injuries that resulted in sutures in my body. We played outside in those days.

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    2. Your anti-LGTBQ rhetoric is noted with disgust.

      And if you don’t know who Jane Goodall is, then maybe you should try your Google machine and look her up before disparaging her.


      1. He did not disparage or in any way was anti-LGTBQ. You foster your beliefs and bias into what he said. I do agree a google search would have been informative.


        1. …” what she/he (you never know these days) “….

          Unnecessary editorialization showing bias, IMO. If you don’t like it prove me wrong.

          And if being supportive of PEOPLE, no matter who are where they are is biased, then I guess I care about people in general. Even you.


          1. “I could care less if you care about me.”

            That is one of our society’s issues today: Not caring about the well being of one and other. But that is a topic for another discussion.


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