4 thoughts on “YouTube:”Black lives matter is a joke”, Nestride Yumga DC Resident

  1. In my opinion, Nestride Yumga goes on and on about black men who get shot in Chicago, when that’s not the real issue.

    In this particular situation, she’s missing one huge factor: it’s not JUST that George Floyd was killed by white men, but that he was killed by four POLICE OFFICERS, who are sworn to protect and treat us all the same, the color of our skin be damned.

    The fact that they’re all white, is a bit of a side issue in my opinion and I say that because we should be able to expect that officers would treat us all the same. ‘EXPECT’ being the operative word in that sentence. And, I would hope that the same legitimate protests would be happening if all four of those officers WERE NOT white. This has nothing to do with looters, arsonists, etc.

    There should be just as much horror in seeing the power of the badge that makes this murder so hard to watch, regardless of the officer’s or victim’s skin color.

    CAN we ignore the racial makeup of this assault on Mr. Floyd? Well, not really – because we have to consider that we’ve seen that white people simply ARE NOT treated this way.

    I had to look hard to find this clip from a shooting that has stuck in my head for over five years. Would this happen to young white men? https://www.cnn.com/2014/09/25/justice/south-carolina-trooper-shooting/index.html

    Nestride Yumga is a good speaker, but she misses the point that BLM will be a voice for this kind of murder for a very long time. Luckily, and certainly HOPEFULLY, we can hope this kind of brutality decreases and eventually ends. But, I see very little hope of that.

    But, Ms. Yumga having not much of anything else relevant to say other than pointing fingers and her voice at Chicago, kind of seems to me to be taking away from the horrendous way George Floyd and others have died.


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    1. RE: “HOPEFULLY, we can hope this kind of brutality decreases and eventually ends. But, I see very little hope of that.”

      This kind of brutality has been declining since the early 1970s. “Last year, according to the Washington Post’s database of police-involved shootings, nine unarmed black people were shot and killed by the police, compared to 19 unarmed white people.”



      1. …”nine unarmed black people were shot and killed by the police, compared to 19 unarmed white people.””

        That would be fine if there were a fifty-fifty split when it comes to actual population. But why let that get in the way of truth.

        And ONE cop shooting ONE unarmed INDIVIDUAL is too many.


      2. I don’t think it is about some statistics, but rather about the latent but pernicious and stubborn racism that still infects America.

        It is not just the video taped murders of blacks, but the years of treatment. Black middle class and professionals stopped by police and detained or arrested on the flimsiest of charges. The black professor who was arrested in DC for trying to get into his own house. The list can be pretty extensive if you talk to those affected.

        Now add in the segregation that is still going on, poverty and a host of other issues that have left the black community behind after 55 years of freedom from centuries of apartheid.

        There may be a lot of blame to go around. But here is one undeniable fact: we are talking about Americans. And as a nation, particularly one founded with the principle of “all men are created equal”, it is not good to have a sizeable percentage of minorities scrambling for the American Dream and not succeeding.

        Yes, race relations are better now than before 1965. Back then it was so bad that there was no goverment protection for individual rights except if you were white and it helped if you were Protestant.

        We have a long way to go.

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