NRO: The Sole Justification Offered for the Riots Is a Fiction

I don’t suppose that empirical data matters in the least, but I do suppose that it should.

4 thoughts on “NRO: The Sole Justification Offered for the Riots Is a Fiction

  1. Two words: Trumpian defensive spin.

    Yes, the looters and the rioters HAVE to be caught and punished. I never stopped saying that. But to spread this mularkey as facts is right out of the Trump playbook.

    The protest started because, AGAIN, an unarmed black man, IN CUSTODY, was choked out by a cop. And three other cops did NOTHING to stop it. Period. That is what has to stop also.


  2. Let’s be clear: The riots and looting are absolutely wrong and worthy of proper justice to the offenders.

    The peaceful protesters are exercising their 1A rights in a manner guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. And the reason for the protests is the extra-judicial killing of a suspect IN CUSTODY of the police through use of unauthorized (and unnecessary force).

    The looters and rioters have hijacked peaceful protests for their own sick (and in some cases illegal) agendas. And they have succeeded because all we are talking about is the rioting and looting and the real reason for the protests has been lost.

    THAT outrage seems to be missing. At least from those who don’t appear to want to hear the message. Focusing on the what is happening instead of the WHY it started is misguided. IMO


  3. “We are asked to believe…” By Whom?

    “Some say…” Who are “some”?

    “They say…” Who is “they”?

    Spin city right out of the Trump playbook almost to the phrases he uses when he lies.

    19 unarmed whites and 9 unarmed blacks killed by police. OK, can we have some context?

    More importantly is that this stuff happens every decade or so. Why? Because the situation for many blacks, poor, not so poor, middle class and upper middle is still intolerable.

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