Disinformation Warfare

Two items of disinformation related to President Trump’s photo op in front of St. John’s church are debunked:

  • The police did not use tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse protestors in Lafayette Park, nor were the protesters the police dispersed “peaceful.”
  • The president did not hold up a Bible at the church in imitation of Adolph Hitler; the photo showing Hitler waving a Bible was photoshopped.

Statement from United States Park Police acting Chief Gregory T. Monahan about the actions taken over the weekend to protect life and property

Twitter account of Craig Silverman:

28 thoughts on “Disinformation Warfare

  1. There seems to be some controversy about the Park Police statement and just about everyone else on the ground.


    Evidently, CS tear gas was not deployed, but Pepper Gas was and has the same effect. Also, officers were donning gas masks just prior to engaging the crowd according to witnesses. So perhaps as people were coughing and gagging, no one asked for the precise formula of the irritant.

    This administration has a well documented history of misinformation, misleading and false statements. Eventually, such behavior catches up to those responsible.


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      1. Coming from this administration, I would say lying is a very good possibility.

        So all the other witnesses are lying instead?

        And are pepper rounds, which cause tearing, pain, coughing, pretty much the same as CS? So why the lying about gas?

        “Excuse me officer, can I see the chemical label on your gas?”

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        1. Pepper PELLETs stick to the person hit with them, like paintballs, they do not disperse like gas.

          The park police are not part of the administration, they are civil service employees who see Presidents come and go.

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  2. 1) There is no evidence of people throwing ANYTHING at police, jsut the word of man trying to protects his own backside.

    2) No they used smoke markers and pepper shot. That is sooo much nicer than tear gas and rubber bullets.

    3) Yes the picture of AH was photoshopped. Even MSM covered that (I saw it on CNN).

    4) The picture of Mao was NOT.

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  3. When I was in college I worked at a rent-a-car as the night manager. One night the kid who worked running the cars around and cleaning them pulled out a starters pistol.
    “Don’t worry, they’re blanks,” and he fired off two shots INSIDE the office.
    They weren’t blanks. They were pepper rounds.
    The pain and tears were instantaneous. The two of us were literally knocked to our knees, and we crawled choking out of the place.
    Kept the door opened with a fan running for the rest of the night and the next morning it was still detectable.

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      1. There was no ball. It looked like a charge for a nail gun. 0.22 short shell with wax wad and crimped. The actual irritant was a puff of bluish smoke. It may have been real tear gas. In those days you could buy the reall stuff. Ladies carried pens with the real stuff not pepper spray.

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        1. That’s a 22 cal. pistol. Most starter pistols are incapable of firing a projectile. Taking the word of a “kid” that the weapon was loaded with blanks is problematic.


          1. Do you see the piece of paper on which the pistol is resting?
            Do you see the writing that is in the boxed area?
            Do you see the two lines of writing immediately to the left of that box?
            Can you read it?
            Can you read?

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          2. Sorry your highness. I meant to type that it looks like a 22. I stand by the rest of my statement. By the way, I read fine.


          3. A starter pistol fires blanks, so the concern you have about “kid” and whether the weapon was loaded or not is irrelevant.

            And I will also ask about your ability to read and comprehend what you have read.


          4. I’ll let someone else point out that your correction to your first statement is still in conflict with the remainder of your post.

            Nevertheless, starter pistols are indeed lookalikes to the real thing, and I made it clear there was no projectile in response to your previous post. However, if you insist, we can perform a reenactment, and l will let you place your thumb over the barrel if that would assure you.

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  4. Ladies and Gentleman, I supply you here with debunking on the debunking. Not backside covering statements from a career civil servant (with a history of not being truthful), but photographic and first person accounts of “Why the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Crossed the Road?” (See Stephen Colbert’s monologue form last night for the answer.)


    Not an MSM report, but a well documented accounting from a Conservative website.


    1. Good post. The “no tear gas” lie has been exposed many times by now as an exercise in, sooo ironically, Gaslighting.

      The White House has compared Trump’s photo op to Churchill’s visit to bombed out sections of London.

      I am not sure if batons and gas were used to clear the London streets or if the Prime Minister held up a Bible, but absent those tactics, the similarity is bogus.

      A closer comparison is a five year old learning to cross the street for the first time with his hand safely and securely in his dad’s while other family block traffic just for this momentous occasion.

      IMHO of course.

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      1. Churchill actually toured the damage of London. In Trump’s case, he stood in front of the sign, someone else’s Bible in hand, and took pictures with his cowed administration members. Not to mention the removal of CLERGY from their own church. Yep, now there is a real threat to POTUS. Christians, being christian.


  5. Protesters are throwing bombs, bricks, frozen water bottles, smashing windows, looting property, destroying property by arson, torching police cars, illegally blocking commerce and business. If you are part of the crowd, you are also guilty. Gas em and knock skulls. Who cares but mouthy liberals squawking.


    1. No one has any evidence showing that happened in the area around Lafayette Park. And THAT is what this thread has been exclusively about.

      I wonder what your response would have been if the police protecting the Michigan capital decided they were truly threatened by the presence of long guns and assault-style rifles decided to open fire or start gassing and knocking skulls during that protest.

      Hypocritical skills notwithstanding, you’re comment is not related to what happened in D.C.

      Take your hate and shove it up your…donkey.


      1. “Hater”….what a lame joke. I thought the comment would illicit a response, that’s all. Yes, some Lafayette park protesters were in fact committing violence against law enforcement and everyone else just chanted on doing nothing.


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