Denial is NOT just a river in Egypt

So people from both ANTIFA and Boogaloo groups deny having anything to do with the violence erupting at these protests.

So which one is lying? Or are they both telling the truth?

And then there is this little tidbit:

7 thoughts on “Denial is NOT just a river in Egypt

  1. If it is true that the far right and left folks are not instigating the violence, it makes one wonder who would benefit from such activity.

    What organization or group would want to create so much chaos that martial law had to be declared? Who has the money and connections to fund professional disrupters?

    I suspect we can nail that down eventually.

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  2. Because Antifa and Boogaloo deny it, you believe it? How appropriate for your overused title to this thread. So we have these chaos creators who are looting, attacking police with bricks and Molotov cocktails, destroying property and committing massive arson who just so happen to be almost all what race? Don’t see any skinheads but there may be some supremacists in there somewhere fanning the flames.

    The strange thing to me is the core complaint from the black community is the other officers were not charged with murder because they did nothing to stop it making them complicit, however all the so called “peaceful” protesters are doing nothing to stop the violence but don’t consider themselves complicit?? That is total BS plain and simple.

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    1. I did not say anything about believing either side. And the title was used simply because both of the groups in question deny any involvement in the non-peaceful rioting and looting that is taking place. It is neither a commendation or support of their stories. I just found it interesting that both right and left wing extremists were denying involvement in co-opting protests to pursue their radical (and objectionable) agendas. And how can you tell if there are no skinheads there? You got x-ray vision and can see through the masks almost everyone is wearing?

      Your claim that no one in the Black community is doing nothing to stop them is misplaced in inaccurate. I have seen several stories concerning peaceful protesters telling those fomenting violence that this is not what the protests are supposed to be about. One story out of LA was a black woman telling 2 white girls not to vandalize a Starbucks. They ignored her and went on their merry-painting ways. Another that comes to mind is the black lady in Minneapolis giving bricks back to the white people in a car and telling them not to provide “ammunition” for people to use against police or properties.

      So while three police officers stood by silently and allowed a fellow officer to kneel on a handcuffed suspect for almost 9 minutes they are not complicit, but you don’t pay attention to the stories of organizers calling for calm or protesters attempting to prevent the co-opting of the protests. C’mon, Mr. Smith. Get real


        1. Pictures are better than a thousand words. Nightly news, your MSM heroes, show nightly images of the violence including reporters darn near in arms length of looters carrying out the goods so it’s pretty easy to see. It isn’t hard to pick out skinheads because masks are worn on the face, not the “head”. With such large scale destruction, a few people refusing to participate is not very compelling that as a whole the black community is not policing their own.


          1. Not all “skinheads” are bald, Bob, Just like not all racists are white and not all idiots lack high school diplomas or college degrees.


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