Enough is enough, prosecute looters

Pilot VA Beach damage

These things continue to happen because after they are over, there are no consequences for most of the participants. That has to end.

Fortunately, since everyone records their crimes on cellphones, that should be workable. Confiscate the cell phones of every looter and rioter arrested, and let the police, or private sector workers hired for the task, identify as many of the participants as possible, and prosecute every single one for felonies.

Even if they are released on probation, they will  have a felony conviction and be unable to legally purchase firearms or vote.

Mob violence will not stop until there are consequences for participating.

19 thoughts on “Enough is enough, prosecute looters

  1. Looter and vandals are being arrested and charged when identified. NYC has already filed major charges against those who assaulted police with Molotov cocktails.

    Multiple attempted murder charges have been filed.

    I totally agree that those identified and arrested for violence should serve serious time.

    Protest organizers are very concerned that the protests have been hijacked by wingnuts from left and right. It distracts from the cause plus it give the administration a good excuse to kill some folks while pointing to the Bible.

    Fifth Avenue murders by proxy. And the Charlottesville neo-Nazis are shivering with delight at the prospects.

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    1. Really, Len, not everything is about Trump.

      The fault for this mess is decades of non-prosecution of looters and vandals. That was the choice of local officials (though President Obama strongly supported it)

      Rudi Guilani’s ‘Broken Windows Theory’ (not to be confused with the broken window fallacy) established that in the 90’s when NYC went from being one of the most dangerous cities to being one of the safest.

      Simply looking to other way once peace has been restored just sets the stage for the next riot.


  2. Yes, it has been going on for decades.

    Same reasons too.

    I think Kent State killed our appetite for shooting into protesters even if looter and vandals are intermingled.

    So what is the choice. Better 10 protesters shot than one loot escape?

    You do realize there is a sizable part of America that would like nothing more than shooting blacks and their sympathizers. They are egging on this stuff.

    Tough nut to crack.

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    1. Nope. Now that people post their crimes on facebook, there is no need to fire into a crowd, just arrest them at your leisure within the statute of limitations.


      1. If I posted a comment on FB that Don was seen throwing a firebomb…well, you see the problem.

        Absent a face, a video, a statement and probably witnesses, this method is fraught with problems. We already see political ads by the right subbing in faces, and otherwise distorting images of pols for fake ads.

        Not to mention photos from the past showing violence and burning from other parts of the world years and even decades ago.

        Part of the problem we have today is that for many years after 9/11 we focused on foreign terrorist so much that we lost track of the domestic anti-government and White supremacy groups. This came to light a few years back when neo-Nazis and their pals were starting to stage rallies and local police had no idea who these folks were.

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  3. I have already voiced my disgust and anger at those who are taking advantage of peaceful protests for their own criminal proclivities, or to hijack the peaceful protests for some sinister agenda (Left or right).

    But where is YOU outrage, Don, over peaceful protesters being forcibly removed from Lafayette Park for a freaking photo op. He didn’t go to the church to pray, survey the damage, talk to church leadership about what can be done to help quell the violence. He went, waved someone else’s Bible in the air in a fashion similar to a Hitler salute, took a bunch of pictures with his cabinet, and went back to the WH.

    That ain’t leadership. That ain’t strength. It is pitiful and weak. And his comrades in Moscow are laughing their asses off at him.

    How bad is it when Iran tells us to treat our citizens better?

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    1. Leadership is largely carried out through symbolic gestures.

      There was a curfew for the park announced ahead of time. The police had made three announcements for the crowd to disperse. They did not.

      They were dispersed by force. At some point, you have to restore order, and do it with the least harm possible, but do it nonetheless.


      1. “Leadership is largely carried out through symbolic gestures.”

        So what symbolic gesture to trump make? Seriously, nothing I have seen has been symbolic of anything except his contempt for anything NOT himself.

        The curfew was not to go into effect until 7. The movement by the police started at 6:25.

        They were peaceful protesters. They were not out of order. The only thing out of order is how Trump has done nothing except fan the flames of violence with his rhetoric and threats. He has done nothing, symbolically or otherwise, to fix the issues at hand. If they had been protesting for 2A rights and the same thing happened you would be screaming to the heavens for an investigation and for heads to roll. Oh wait. THAT would NEVER happen.

        Your continued defense of this is frustrating. You claim to be a Libertarian but display all of the traits of a Trump family member. “Daddy can do no wrong.”


      2. The leadership we need now is a healing one. The states will deal with the unrest.

        The issue is the frustration of 55 years of effective second class citizenship that is so ingrained that even years of police killings and other abuses against the minority communities and individuals it takes an act so egregious, so outrageous yet so sadly commonplace, to get attention.

        Dispersing a peaceful demonstration with gas, batons and rubber bullets for a path so the president can walk to a church he doesn’t care about, holding a book he never read, and pose for a photo op he can hang on is friggin’ wall with phony Time covers…that is not leadership that is showboating in a time of multiple national crises.

        Trump only cares about his base, not all Americans. I am not even sure all of his supporters were thrilled at that mawkish display of pseudo theocratic muscle flexing.

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        1. No, we do not need a ‘healing’ leader right now. That has been tried.

          For decades we have excused looting and property destruction in hopes that by dropping charges once peace was restored people would see that as caring but what they saw was weakness.

          Government has one purpose, to protect the rights of citizens, including the rights to their property, so that people will not feel the need to use force to protect their rights themselves.

          But that has been abandoned. Police step back and let the mob have its way. Those arrested will be out on bail within hours, sponsored by the generosity of politicians and celebrities. and then the charges are quietly dropped, and they don’t even have to return what they stole.

          That has been the policy since Rodney King.

          All in the name of healing. It’s way past time to stop doing the same thing and expecting different results.

          It’s time for one of two choices, either enforce the damn law with full consequences for looters and rioters, or allow businesses to hire their own private police force with full authority to use lethal force.

          Take your pick.

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          1. “All in the name of healing. It’s way past time to stop doing the same thing and expecting different results.“

            Which is exactly what has been the dilemma for the minority community for 55 years. Cos we’re killing and beating blacks before civil rights and they are still doing it today.

            But by all means, mount some 50 cal. machine guns on pickup trucks amend more down the ungrateful bastards.

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          2. Machine guns are not appropriate.

            Sniper rifles to take out those carrying TVs and liquor from destroyed stores are a better choice.

            Well, not really, but take their pictures and track them down and prosecute every one of them that can be identified as the thieves they are.

            You always warn us of the anger of the have nots leading to violence. But you never give any worry to the anger of the honest man whose goods are stolen and business is destroyed, only to have the police and courts do nothing.

            Those are people who have a history of getting things done, and it is their anger you should worry about.


          3. Ignoring the WHY and demanding that anything be done about it, just shoot ’em all and let G-d sort them out.

            There is outrage for both sides of the rioting/looting equation. But you don’t give a damn about those who have been beat down, shot for no reason, killed in the name of “law and order” for passing a phony $20 while three other officers did nothing to solve the problem.


          4. Speaking of why, have you ever considered why these things keep happening in cities run by Democrats?

            Separation of actions and consequences have been Democrat policy for decades. You do it yourself.

            Do you really think people stealing TVs are motivated by righteous outrage over the failure if the Rule of Law?

            Do you really think Antifa is motivated by anything other than a lust for destruction?

            Consequences for them give legitimacy to the protests that are truly justified.

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          5. …”why these things keep happening in cities run by Democrats?”

            Could it be because passionate people live in Democratic cities and they (the PEACEFUL protesters) are fighting against injustice while the GOP run cities are filled with people that don’t give a damn about American citizens that don’t look like them?

            See, generalizations are easy. Anyone can do it.

            Where is your disgust at the actions by this administration to clear PEACEFUL protesters for a bullshit photo op? Trump’s excuse now is that THE NIGHT BEFORE there was rioting and looting so people had to be forcibly removed by military police tactics while PEACEFULLY protesting the next day.


          6. “Where is your disgust at the actions by this administration to clear PEACEFUL protesters for a bullshit photo op?”

            That didn’t happen.


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