Historical Implications

Okay, I need some help from some smart lawyer types; even you internet paralegals might assist.

We know Trump likes to invoke and undo, specifically using his EOs to reverse his predecessors’ efforts.

Now we’re facing his ordering the military into the States to dominate dissent and protest (Where have I heard that before?) — even in the States that make no request for such Federal military assistance.  Just gonna send in the troops and take over.

But my real question, and one of y’all might know the answer, is this:

“When he signs the EO overturning emancipation, will I get a 1-for-1 restoration of my great-great-grandfather’s slaves, or will the entire lineage fall under ownership?”  I mean, after all, this could be a serious chattels issue akin to mustang herd ownership.

10 thoughts on “Historical Implications

    1. Trump doesn’t care about the Constitution.

      If he did he wouldn’t sue the media for criticism he doesn’t like. He wouldn’t threatened private businesses like Twitter. For that matter he wouldn’t call for boycotts on companies he doesn’t like. Harley Davidson anyone?

      So why should an XO to engineer the reversal of the Emancipation Proclamation be such a ludicrous idea?

      The protest in Lafayette Park was peaceful until Trump ordered gas and police to clear a path for him to pose in front of a church holding a Bible.

      Whatsupwiththat? Risking injury and escalation so he could get his picture taken and prove that he is not a wuss hiding in the bunker?

      Maybe he won’t personally shoot someone on Fifth Avenue but he might do so in Lafayette Park.

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      1. Regardless, and XO would have no effect due to the 13th Amendment.

        Making a public appearance is a part of leadership. And blocking a street is not peaceful, it is unlawful, we just have become accustomed to looking the other way.


        1. Yeah, well once the shooting starts in the 75 cities with maybe 10 fatalities at each one Americans will learn not to gather and protest anymore.

          A salute with a Bible in the hand is still a salute. Think the evangelicals will fall for that? Probably

          Phony Antifa posers are White supremacists in some cases.


          Trump is probably behind that too. No evidence, of course, just presidential speculation on my part.

          Sorry, but your comment about his leadership is ludicrous.

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        2. Lafayete Park. Not the streets around it. Plus, the protesters were PEACEABLY assembled. First Amendment rights being exercised.

          But a buffoon who has never seriously read the Bible, awkwardly holding it up for a photo op, in front of a church, where two members of the clergy were also removed form a porch, does not show strength. It shows his fear and weakness.

          I am flabbergasted that you, a leading Libertarian here in this area, is OK with someone from the White House ordering the violent removal of protesters peacefully expressing their 1A rights. That shows that all-Things Trump for you is worth a few regulations being dismantled.


          1. Yeah, it turns out it ain’t so.

            Yes, there were peaceful protestors present, but there were also bricks and frozen water bottles thrown at park police who were installing a fence for the coming curfew, additionally. activists had scaled a building that had been burned the night before, positioning themselves to throw objects down onto the police, so the decision was made to clear the park earlier than planned.

            Smoke and pepper pellets were used, but no tear gas or rubber bullets.

            The park police weren’t even notified that Trump would be coming until after the order was given.


            So, it was fake news yet again.


    2. Ownership. The 13th amendment abolishes slavery, except as a punishment for a crime, but does nothing to address ownership. While ownership may be a prerequisite for slavery, it does not imply slavery.

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    1. Take away the Bible and we have a salute that rings familiar.

      “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

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