Flynn case still not resolved. The judge tells why.

Judge Sullivan is not a man to be trifled with evidently.

“Sullivan’s brief filed Monday was the first and clearest window into his reasoning for rejecting the calls by Flynn and his allies to dismiss the case, even with Attorney General Bill Barr’s DOJ moving to drop it. DOJ, Sullivan noted, repeatedly affirmed for years that the evidence Flynn lied to the FBI was ironclad and crucial to the FBI’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election. Its reversal, he said, regardless of the details provided in it, raises troubling questions.“=

“It was signed by the Acting U.S. Attorney alone, with no line prosecutors joining; it featured no affidavits or declarations supporting its many new factual allegations; it was not accompanied by a motion to vacate the government’s prior, contrary filings and representations; it cited minimal legal authority in support of its view on materiality,” Sullivan’s brief noted, adding that it also omitted any mention of other potentially criminal conduct Flynn had admitted to in his plea: working on behalf of the Turkish government without registering as a foreign agent.“

Now that released transcripts show that Flynn lied about discussing sanctions, it is truly puzzling. I think the administration is hiding something that a continuation of the case would expose.


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