Leonard Pitts voices the cries for justice after 55 years.


Well written, almost poetic.

“Colin Kaepernick once knelt — remember that? — in protest of police brutality just like this. Many white people, including the one in the White House, lost their minds over that. Do not expect similar outrage here, much less the reckoning we really need.“

16 thoughts on “Leonard Pitts voices the cries for justice after 55 years.

  1. Pitts is a racist hack.

    Where is his cry for justice for the business owners whose livelihoods have been destroyed.

    How about the policemen, who had nothing to do with abuses, often in different cities, murdered in ambushes over the last 20 years as retaliation for deaths, which in many cases, on further review proved to be justified.

    Remember Michael Brown? How many were killed in retaliation for his death, which he brought on himself.

    Where is his compassion for the people who live in inner cities who next year will have ti travel to buy food because no one will open a store where they live?

    Pitts, and his ilk, are the problem.

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    1. “Pitts, and his ilk, are the problem.”

      The problem is, as Pitts point out, is the systemic racism that occurs throughout the country and has negatively affected the people of color and their families and communities. You continue to focus on the protests while forgetting the WHY of the protests.

      But instead of engaging those you think are the problem, you degenerate and dismiss the fact that Civil Rights are not for everyone. They are only for the few.

      When it is your grandson who’s neck knelt on for almost 9 minutes while in handcuffs, or your friend, or your partner, or someone YOU care about or even know casually, maybe you’ll see things differently. But until then I think you should avoid condemning anyone for their factually based opinions. Pitts has lived it. You have not.


      1. ” You continue to focus on the protests while forgetting the WHY of the protests.”

        No. I fully support the protests and agree that Chauvin needs to be appropriately punished after a fair trial, which he did not give George.

        My gripe is with the looters and rioters who are using the protest as cover for theft and wanton destruction.

        The protestors must be protected, but the looters and rioters must incarcerated, as much to preserve the legitimacy of the protest as to protect future property owners.

        We just can’t let every wrong be an excuse for barbarism.


        1. Last night in NYC there were 700 arrests.

          Every thing I’ve seen and read indicates that the looters and vandals are arrested when identified and caught.

          You just wrote that the protestors must be protected but violators arrested. I think it is happening as much as can be expected in the chaos and darkness.

          And yet, there are innocent people including the media who are at risk and many have been arrested or assaulted by police in some cases.

          This is the kind of mess that can happen if government fails to protect the rights of the individual. I am talking about the people killed by police.

          You are focused only on the rights of the property owners and ignoring the rights of unarmed and in many cases innocent minorities killed or hassled by police.

          Both are equally egregious, but obviously not mutually exclusive.


          1. Sure, arrested, but out on bail in hours and unless the pattern changes, never prosecuted.

            It’s not the Rule of Law, it’s more like the penalty box at a hockey game.


          2. In other words, you don’t know the status of the arrested.

            Which will not come to light for weeks I am sure.

            The woman who threw a Molotov cocktail at a police care is charged with 4 counts of attempted murder. I am not sure she made bail or if it was offered. I saw a number of $250,000, but not verified.

            No one except agitators are supporting violence. Those who seek out demonstrations to loot and vandalize are doing so behind the shield of peaceful American protestors with a legitimate cause.

            Now, we can emulate the Israelis when the send a missile into a school because Hamas uses it as a shield for their rocket attacks.

            But somehow I don’t think any of us want that except supremacists or other agitators. So it is a problem.

            But please remember, the rights of a string of black citizens were not protected by the government. This is your position that the government exists to protect the rights of individuals. That is the travesty that started this whole mess. So you might keep that in mind as you debate the property losses, another failure of government.

            Which is worse?


    2. This reminds me of a woman who is in a horrible, abusive relationship for years.

      One day she kills the husband. So many times the self-defense fell flat. The woman is tried and convicted.

      You are trying to make it look as if I condone the violence. I don’t. The vast majority of the demonstrators don’t either. Yes, prosecute the ones that are identifiable. Give them tough sentences that includes restitution.

      No problem.

      But why does the same stuff happen year in and year out to minorities? That professor who was arrested trying to get into his own house. Remember that? There are endless cases of blacks suffering indignities that you or I would never have to. Middle class, professionals, etc..

      Those nice stable families have to have “the talk” with their children about being extra careful around police or in white neighborhoods.

      No excuse for this. None whatsoever. At all.

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      1. Whose side are you on? The legitimate protestors or the barbarians?

        If you allow the barbarians to use the legitimate issues of the protestors as an excuse to avoid prosecution, you don’t just let them off, you dilute the effectiveness of the protestors.

        Before the looting, I would estimate 95% of the country was passionately on the side of the protestors, but now, I would guess that has fallen considerably.

        Not that they have changed their mind about the injustice Mr George suffered, they would still say Chauvin was wrong, but the looting has drained off the passion, and that passion is what is needed to get change.

        It is inevitable that if you refer to the barbarians as protestors, the fear and disgust they inspire taints the real protestors.

        So, stop making excuses for the barbarians. Every time you do, the real protestors lose credibility.

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        1. After what I have written you tell me I am in favor of the looters and vandals. Or that I am excusing the violence.


          Keeping it civil, you are ignoring what I say to foster an agenda.

          You wrote once that marching with Nazis is ok if they crashed the Confederate Heritage folks. After all you would not want them to take away from the original intent of protesting the removal of the statue.

          Well, that turned violent and on of the Nazi folks killed a woman and injured others.

          I would say that the Confederate “cause“ was lost in that mess.

          Thewe demonstrations are still huge. And the crowds are mixed and very diverse. America is fed up with the situation that has been going on for 55 years after the laws were passed.

          Ignoring that has gotten us, again , to this situation. People are getting arrested for bad actions. In some cases people just near the demonstrations are set upon by police. So it is not as if efforts aren’t made to protect property.

          Again, those of us who try to understand the “why” are not ignoring the how and that it is being hijacked by a tiny minority of criminals, some from the right and maybe the far left.

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          1. But it is not a tiny minority. In some cities, I would guess that the barbarians outnumber the sincere protestors.

            I doubt if half of them could be sure if it was Floyd George or George Floyd.

            And regarding Charlottesville, if I remember your position correctly, it was that the protestors who legitimately supported the historical heritage of the monuments should abandon their cause rather than march if the Nazi’s showed up.

            Have I anywhere said the legitimate protestors should go home and abandon the streets to the barbarians? On the contrary, I have condemned the barbarians for diluting the legitimate protest.

            Any sympathy directed toward the barbarians undermines the legitimate protest. As an example, I find Bernie Sanders sympathizing with a claim that the rich have been looting the country for decades both false and reprehensible. There you have 2nd place in the Democratic race equating burning and stealing with just profits earned serving their customers.

            But many weak minds will accept that as somehow justifying plundering businesses.

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          2. “ I would guess that the barbarians outnumber the sincere protestors.”

            Do you have a source or just watching edited videos of the violent parts?

            If there are crowds of 10,000, 100 agitators might seem like a lot, but that is only 1%.

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  2. Pitts is a BLACK Supremacist. Racist pig at heart. Everything bad is whitey’s fault according to him. Very bad choice for a reference there Len. Think next time.

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    1. I have a suggestion for you.

      Don’t read opinions you don’t like and you might be a happy camper. This way you don’t have to think at all.

      And telling me that my choice of opinions is bad and that I have to think next time is, well, just plan silly. You want a blog where everyone thinks like you?

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      1. I can’t read his crap so I don’t. When you sleep with pigs like Pitts, you kinda get smelly too. You can sleep with him all you want. Ciao.

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