Far right…far left…who are the outside agitators in the violent protests?



One report indicates that the administration blames far left ANTIFA and other leftist groups. This has not been confirmed yet. The other story blames far right anti-government groups looking for a “boogaloo”, meaning civil unrest and racial rioting. There are twitter feeds that are encouraging anti-government groups to join in along with trademark clothing.

The only thing that seems sure is that most of the arrests so far are from out-of-state agitators. I think there are groups on both sides that stand to “benefit” from a breakdown of civil peace. There is also evidence being checked that social media posts by foreign actors are trying hard to fan the flames.

4 thoughts on “Far right…far left…who are the outside agitators in the violent protests?

  1. There are certainly some people using the unrest for their own purposes.

    They showed up equipped with pre-made incendiary devices and special hammers for breaking plate glass(larger versions of the pointed hammers you can buy for escaping your car.

    I do object to referring to the Boogaloo Bois as far right. There is nothing conservative about them. Conservatism and libertarianism are about the rights of the individual over the collective. White supremacists are just about a race based collective, and not individualism.


      1. And again, I can identify as an underwear model. but I’m still a pudgy 71 yo man.

        Why wouldn’t a collectivist organization claim to be something else?

        The key difference between left and right is the supremacy of the collective or the individual.

        If you think it terms of one race vs the other, you are pitting two collectives against each other and inherently of the left, not the right.


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