The president wants to control private enterprises called social media.

He can’t, of course. He would like those companies to be nice and compliant, like FOX, and let him spew propaganda, lies, racist tweets and threats. Which they have been allowing for too long.

Social media has replaced the soap box and loudspeaker on the street corner when it come to political messaging. Fine, until that becomes a venue for violence via inflammatory lies. If a group rally outside a statehouse encouraged armed protesters to liberate, as in #LIBERATE, they would be arrested for incitement.

Yet the same actions are fine on Twitter, FB, etc. At least according to the regime.

Republicans squawk at telling car companies how much pollution they can put out. Let the market decide is the mantra.

Yet now, Trump feels he can tell private social media platforms what they have to allow.

Considering the volume of hate, threats, lies and insults, I would label the Trump account a troll and ban him until he learns the rules.

Ironically, if Trump were to succeed in his XO mandate, he would be even more restricted. Removing liability protections from the private platforms would make them very cautious about racist tweets and retweets, slanderous insults and even a sniff of possible violence encouragement as they see it.


22 thoughts on “The president wants to control private enterprises called social media.

  1. And now he says this about his Twitter account:

    He’s addicted to it, it appears. He wouldn’t give it up if it would save his own life. The only thing he does more than golf is tweet. -IMO

    And keep in mind that Twitter did NOT remove his post. They marked as misleading, which it was, and offered full information concerning mail-in voting. If they had deleted his comment, then I could see grounds for feeling stifled. He is throwing a hissy fit because twitter is calling him out for his misleading comments on his favorite platform where he has gotten away with it since long before he ran for office.

    And Twitter is now adding fact checking to a lot more tweets because of Trump. Oh, the irony.

    And I said something yesterday about this. Fox News does not have any fact checking on its website. I don’t know if they did during the Obama presidency, but they definitely don’t have it now.


  2. That is not exactly correct.

    President Trump is not telling social media what they have to do, he is reminding them of their obligation under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Basically, Social media was given an exemption from liability based on what gets posted on their sites. That exemption was based on the presumption that they would not exhibit bias in what they allowed.

    If they are selectively blocking or “fact checking” in a biased manner, they they are not neutral conduits for public comment, they are directing the information that gets through.

    So, blocking Prager University, but not the Daily Kos, or fact checking Trump(based on the opinion of their employees) but not Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schummer, is a violation of the reasons they are given that liability protection and they should then be treated just like any other media source.

    If they want those special protections, they must remain neutral, and they most certainly have not done so.


    1. You are entitled to your opinion. But then again you would be wrong as many of Trump’s tweets violate the terms Twitter has in place. Yet they did not flag or block them as he IS POTUS. Many of them should either be fact checked or taken down. His tweet this morning was labeled as inciting violence, which it does. They blocked it but allowed readers to click through to view it. It is NOT censorship as Trump claims. It IS being responsible, which Trump NEVER is.

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      1. Government is force. We give government the sole power to initiate the use of force.

        Threatening the use of violence to quell civil unrest is kind of his job.


        1. “Threatening the use of violence to quell civil unrest is kind of his job.”

          I wonder what you would have said if the Virginia gun rally had caused the same kind of outcomes.

          By the way, the protesters in Minnesota ain’t carrying guns. I wonder what would happen if all those black guys showed up with AR-15’s and other long guns?


          1. The VA gun rally did not involve any looting, arson or threats of violence against anyone. It was a peaceful rally that didn’t even leave any litter.

            If the Minnesota protestors were similarly well behaved they could have arrived in tanks for all I care.

            But unlawful behavior by a policeman is not an excuse for destroying private businesses or stealing TVs or burning down police stations.

            It is the duty of government at all levels to prevent looting and arson. If government won’t do it, the property owners will do it themselves, and that is not a good outcome.


          2. 1) The officers in question are still walking around free. They are unemployed, but the should be behind bars.

            2) The city and state have done little to nothing to appease the outrage and people are desperate for action. Desperate people do desperate things.

            3) You have not condemned the actions of the officers. So I ask you, why not?

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          3. I was not asked, Obviously it appears to be criminal malfeasance at best and manslaughter is likely prosecuteable.

            Federally, they can all be charged with violation of civil rights under color of authority. (Murder and manslaughter are state crimes)

            Putting the policemen involved in jail right now would be a death sentence, and they aren’t going anywhere.


          4. “I was not asked”…

            You needed to be asked about this? Wow, sorry I didn’t previously. Considering what the rioting in Minneapolis is related to, I didn’t think it necessary. Criminal malfeasance for kneeling on a handcuffed suspect’s neck for 9 minutes? Murder 2, if I’m prosecuting. (Don’t forget about his record of 19 complaints against him over the years)

            “Putting the policemen involved in jail right now would be a death sentence,”…

            Only if they commit suicide. Cops are normally kept in protective custody and not in general population just for that reason.


        2. It would have been a little more appropriate for him to have said something to the effect of “I am sending additional National Guard troops into to assist the police departments in Minnesota to control the violence.”

          But he had to use inflammatory rhetoric from the racist 60’s saying …”when the looting starts, the shooting starts”…

          And what about the reason for these protests? I haven’t heard a scintilla of condemnation from Trump except to expedite the investigation by the feds. There is absolutely no reason for a handcuffed individual to have a police officer plant his knee in his neck for 9 minutes.

          And the other 3 officers just standing around and not saying anything? It appears, based on the earliest evidence, the man should be in jail and his fellow officers also. If it were a young white suspect (of fraud, by the way. Not exactly a violent offense) and a black officer were to have been involved, the entire country would have stormed Minnesota. Yes, hyperbole, but this shit has got to stop.


        3. Encouraging violence is not exactly part of the presidential duties either.

          #LIBERATE while protesters storm the statehouses and even try to enter the chambers, armed and screaming in the faces of state troopers.

          I would call that at least not upholding the Constitution and probably an act of treason by the president.

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    2. Take away the liability protections and you will see serious censoring by social media. No more “Schi@@“. Or #LIBERATE. Or murder and extramarital affair accusations against people. No more retweets of racist posts.

      President Trump would be muzzled like never before.

      He needs to rethink his empty threats.

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    3. “… they must remain neutral, and they most certainly have not done so.”

      Do you have examples or a cite for the bias accusations?

      I think Trump has gotten away with a massive amount of insults, lies, threats, slander and racist retweets. Where is the bias for that?

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          1. If other posts are begin blocked or labeled, then how can Trump claim he is being singled out?

            Sorry, but the argument is whether any posts, regardless of who posts them, should be MARKED as either misleading or in violation of the PRIVATE COMPANY’S terms of service. And if in violation then taken down.


        1. There are plenty of social media sites for the right wings of politics. True they are a bit edgy, but a good place for those who want to post conservative beliefs that they feel are not welcomed elsewhere.

          Why do they have to demand Twitter, FB, Google,etc. post whatever they send in?

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  3. Kind of makes one wonder what would happen if people started slapping all those photos we’ve been privy to of the current 1st-wife wearing nothing but a smile (or a smirk) on the social media formats, doesn’t it?

    One would expect ‘djt’ to immediately scream ‘UNFAIR, UNFAIR – take those pics down RIGHT NOW!’

    But, we all also know how ‘djt’ has always been when it comes to sharing photos and talking publicly (Howard Stern’s shows for example) about MT’s physical attributes with the world. He’d probably just smile as he started sending those sites bills for using her likeness WITHOUT compensation.

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