Now THIS is a First Amendment violation by the state

I also find it interesting that the reporter who was leading the team is a person of color (Hispanic and black). His credentials were in plain view, he asked repeatedly where the police wanted him to relocate to with NO apparent response. There was no resistance by Mr. Jimenez and his request as to where to go was never answered.

Yet the white CNN reporter a couple of blocks away was NOT placed under arrest. Makes this common man wonder what the heck is going on with the Minnesota police forces.

11 thoughts on “Now THIS is a First Amendment violation by the state

  1. I wonder what the response would be if a crowd of minority protesters armed with long guns, pistols and body armor entered the statehouse and spewed insults in the faces of state police guarding the chambers.

    Would we get a #LIBERATE from the regime?

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    1. The real question is why was a news reporter, with credentials displayed and shown sever times to the officers, while on live TV arrested in the first place?


  2. The problem ain’t training. It’s a complete lack of phi beta kappas in uniformed law enforcement. You can train a monkey, but you can’t train stupid.

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  3. Did anyone ever say what got them handcuffed and put in a police vehicle?

    The governor on TV now speaking and giving unequivocal apologies to the whole team that were treated so weirdly treated.

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    1. One of the reports I heard earlier was they did not move when ordered to. However, Jimenez asked several times where they wanted him to move to so that he could follow their directions. Not one officer responded.


      1. Sometimes you just gotta ask . . . did not one of those officers putting handcuffs on that team of reporters NOT see the irony of their actions?

        It becomes clearer every day that it’s not just a clever statement -YOU REALLY CAN’T FIX STUPID.

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  4. I wonder what the response would have been from our right winged friends if it had been a Fox News reporter and his team that was placed under arrest for DOING THEIR JOB?


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