“Twisted” ain’t just a remake of the Rapunzel story.


Used the Axios story because it includes a link to the op-ed piece for those who want to read it in its entirety.

Mary McCord tells the true story behind the Flynn interview. And while she acknowledges there were differences of opinion concerning how to proceed, she make it clear the interview itself was “material” because of the newer information concerning Flynn’s phone conversation with Kisliyak.

Just more ammo to indicate that Barr’s move to drop the charges against Flynn were NOT in the interest of the rule of law, but a pardon draped in a DOJ decision.

11 thoughts on ““Twisted” ain’t just a remake of the Rapunzel story.

  1. McCord comes off as more that a little pissed at having her work used to thwart the rule of law that she has dedicated her life to.

    The number of prosecutors who vehemently disagree with Barr’s actions and see it for the travesty it clearly is continues to grow in size and fury.

    Perhaps a grassroots effort to “Just Say NO” will result in some effectIve action being taken to save our system from itself…

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    1. Barr has indicated in a speech he gave at Norte Dame last year, that he is a wannabe theocrat.
      Pairing that with Trump, who is frustrated that he can’t rule rather than govern, and I can see efforts to whittle away at challenges to authority.

      “Anderson, the Fordham theologian, said he was so alarmed by the tone of Barr’s speech that he was now concerned the attorney general intends to use his authority to put the United States on the path of increasingly authoritarian European nations like Poland, where democratically government leaders have cited their devout Catholicism to justify a crackdown on free speech and the purging of judges.“


      I would like to think that Congress is the bulwarks against attacks on democratic freedoms. Unfortunately so long as the Senate is a fully owned subsidiary of Trump, Inc, that defense seems mighty weak.


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  2. Ms. McCord’s NYT op ed slays an army of strawmen. She seems to think DOJ’s decision to drop the charges against Gen. Flynn reflects a disagreement with her opinion of the case, but in reality her opinion doesn’t matter. The decision wasn’t her’s to make, and her opinion is only one part of a larger landscape of information, even if her statements were cited in the formal argument for dismissal.

    In any case, Gen. Flynn is no longer susceptible to foreign influence — having been vetted — and should be free to return to work once the judge accepts the motion before the court.


    1. …”her opinion doesn’t matter. ”

      To YOU it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t support your delusional stance that Flynn has been vetted. She was there. She was involved, and she makes her case quite clearly that what Barr and his DOJ toadies did was anathema to the rule of law and only backs Trump’s need for the facts to be buried under Barr theocracy gobbledeygook.

      Flynn lied to the FBI, failed to register as a foreign agent for Turkey and sold his soul to be close to the power of the WH. PERIOD. If you want to believe he is no longer susceptible to foreign influence, you are wrong – IMO.

      It was a non-pardon and pardon and allows Trump to say “he’s innocent” when the facts say otherwise.

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    2. Flynn was pitched out by Trump because he lied to Pence.

      Or that was the story we were fed by the regime anyway.

      Even so, no employer in his right mind, which might be a qualifier in this case, would hire a liar and a cheater to be an advisor in the most security sensitive role in the administration.

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  3. Over 2,000 former DOJers signed a statement concerning Barr’s actions in the Flynn case.

    View at Medium.com

    Bill Barr is doing the bidding of the President and not doing his duty to the American people or the Constitution. The group calls for him to resign or Congress to interrupt doing the important work of trying to keep the country afloat during a pandemic.

    Between the Stone sentencing and the Flynn withdrawal of charges, the man has got to go. He can become Trump’s personal attorney and let Trump pay for him instead of us.

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