7 thoughts on “Biden’s Pandemic Warning in January Eerily Prescient about Trump.

  1. You posted this exact same USAToday article on April 20. Please remove it because it violates the rule against spamming the Forum.


    1. Reminding people what Biden predicted (in January) isn’t spam. You are calling it that because you don’t like the fact that Biden was accurate.

      And if you truly believe it is spam, remove it yourself. You have administrator access.

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    2. @Roberts


      If you recognize it as something you already read or don’t care to read then here is a suggestion – don’t read it.

      But, IMHO, with the additional three weeks of damning evidence that Joe Biden was absolutely correct in his assessment of Trump’s competence, it bears repeating for those who may have missed it. Or who only skimmed it the first time.

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    3. Considering the apparent average age of the participants on this forum, repeating a link to a still relevant article is hardly spam.

      I have more than once wondered if an article I read seemed too familiar. Maybe by just a stroke of luck or divine intervention, I don’t think I have repeated a link except as a point of interest in a reply.

      At best, it is a reminder, at worst it is on the level of hiding one’s own Easter eggs.


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