7 thoughts on “Food for thought

    1. @Tabor

      That is a bizarre reaction. It demonstrates and complete and utter lack of empathy, the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. But leaving empathy aside, there are plenty of rational, evidentiary reasons for the observations he makes.

      Did you read the article? It is kind of long and your response was very quick.

      By the way, The Atlantic is one of the most respected journals in our country. Its history goes back to the mid-1800s. It is not just another Infowars. Or Daily Kos for that matter.

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      1. Yes, I read it,

        With all the considerations bearing on phased reopening of the economy Serwer presumes the reopening is to exploit a marginal difference in fatality rates is the ‘real’ reason.

        That does require a truly sick mind projecting its own obsessions on others.


        1. @Tabor

          Uh, no. He is saying that if the death rates were somehow reversed there would be far less haste to make people go back to work.

          And it is the poor, the black and the brown who are literally being forced back to work. Disproportionately. The difference in the mortality rate is far from “marginal.” The significant racial differences in infection rates and death rates after exposure IS a real part of the issue of hurried re-opening.

          And when will you learn – You don’t get your own facts. These differences are NOT “marginal.”


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          1. The businesses are being forced to remain open. No one is being forced to work.

            If anyone chooses to quit they can.

            And the difference is indeed marginal. Most people of all races survive.


          2. @Tabor

            As always, evidence means nothing to you. The latest data shows that if you are black you are about 2.6X as likely to die of Covid-19 than if you are white. That is NOT a “marginal difference” even if most people survive.



            “If anyone chooses to quit they can.”
            The choice America presents to the bottom half of its people, is go to work no matter how dangerous nor how careless with you safety the bosses are OR go hungry. And your little kids too. Some choice! That is “freedom” in America.

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    2. The Atlantic does a good job of publishing well written and thoughtful examinations of our society. This an unsettling, but accurate depiction of the effects of “White Privilege” that will be, no doubt, shrugged off and discounted by many of the “white” people who benefit from it.

      To give it any credence would require an introspection and realization that is sadly too painful for them to endure.

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