SMH. Our illustrious VP is at it again.

Pence goes to the Mayo Clinic, a health care facility, does not wear a mask, even though, contrary to Mrs. Pence’s claim, his office was informed of the policy that all visitors are to wear masks PRIOR to his visit.

Today he visits a GM plant that has ramped up manufacturing of ventilators where the policy is all workers will wear masks, but there is no visitor’s policy concerning that.

So he can potentially expose himself or others at a health care facility but not an automotive plant? Is any one else wondering WTF?

And instead of having his wife come to his defense, badly and refuted by the Mayo Clinic, why doesn’t he just own up to the faux pas and say he should have been wearing one? Or was he not tested in time to go to his HOME STATE of Indiana?

16 thoughts on “SMH. Our illustrious VP is at it again.

  1. As the late great Texas journalist, Molly Ivins, might put it . . .

    “Mike Pence, Bless his heart, is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.”

    He is the paradigm example of the empty suit. As recently as the year 2000 he published an op-ed defending cigarettes writing “Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn’t kill.” If he is famous for anything, it may be for his wide variety insane observations on all things scientific.

    It is worth remembering that just like Trump, Pence got his start in politics because of his celebrity as an entertainer. Heaven help us.

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    1. Molly deserved to have lived long enough to see this. She dearly loved Bush, even as she trashed him. Just imagine what she could’ve done to people like Pence an Trump.

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      1. I recall Molly’s comment about Dan Quayle and his intellect:

        “ … if his brain were put in a bumblebee, it would fly backwards.”

        She was the Will Rogers of our era.

        Others I miss were Mike Royko and Studs Terkel. Especially Studs. He was the most empathetic writer about the working classes we’ve ever had.

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          1. When that American was sentenced to caning for vandalism in Singapore, Royko was writing a piece about that story.

            He described the punishment and how brutal it was.

            He likened the officer who was trained extensively to inflict the punishment to a professional golfer who could develop some serious club head speed with a cane.

            As a golfer I found it rather a good analogy.

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  2. Tonight, I will have dinner with my family. We will not be wearing masks. Why? After all, I am at increased risk.

    Because I know none of them are carrying coronavirus.

    It was the same for Pence. He knew he was negative, the people around the President are tested almost daily. And he knew all the people in the room had been tested. Additionally, since the mask is more to protect others than the wearer, and he knew he was negative, there was no real need as he was no threat to them.

    To me, it would have been better to wear the mask anyway to set an example, but he was of the opinion that it was more important to show confidence and be understood.

    But that is a matter of PR, not safety or health.


    1. So explain, if you can, why he didn’t show confidence in Indiana today.

      Setting the example. Something this administration has no idea how to do.

      And would you have Pence over for dinner if your household policy, made known in advance, was to wear masks while in the house and he refused to do so?


      1. It makes sense for him to want us to wear masks.

        We know he has been tested, but we have not.

        I’d guess he’s wearing a mask now because of all the flack he got for not wearing one.

        Aside from which, I wouldn’t invite him over for dinner because he would want to spend half an hour saying grace.

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    2. @Tabor
      Unless you children and grandchildren have been hunkering down with you there is no way that you can know that they are virus free. That is exactly why this virus is so insidious. Mike Pence meets a lot of people every day. He cannot know such things either. Just admit it. Forget the apologist spin. He was just plain dumb.

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  3. And now the trump playbook on dealing with TRUE news stories the administration doesn’t like is being fully emplyed:

    Retaliation and punishment against a reporter for doing his/her job? THAT is what is criminal about the entire thing. Not Pence’s disregard for a hospital policy, but punishing a reporter for covering the story. How Christian of the VP to not forgive a transgressor. SHAME!

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