12 thoughts on “Joe Biden – Sex Offender?

    1. It may get to that. This mess needs to be resolved quickly, one way or the other.

      If not, we will have a race between an accused sex offender and one who bragged about being one…with instructions.

      Democrats have shown little mercy with their members who even appear to attract #metoo attention. Republicans don’t give a hoot what their standard bearer did or said. Kind of ironic for the “family values” party.

      “What a country!”

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    2. @ Jim

      I thought the former Federal prosecutor made some excellent points in his analysis and tied them nicely to his vast experience in such matters.

      Not sure where your question is coming from, it’s a bit non-sequitur.

      Did you read it?

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        1. I don’t forget much and understood the reference, but did not see where it applied to the Reade allegation.

          The analyst/prosecutor found the accusation suspect and explained the reasons for his skepticism.

          I can’t even tell who the “you” is you’re referencing is in you’re comment.

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          1. @Jimmie

            jimroberts2008 likes to snipe at me. He thinks he has a “gotcha” or payback moment for finding Ford credible but Reade not. Like there is a double standard at play. How dare you convict criminal A but acquit criminal B.

            I took the “you” to be me and provided an answer. See below.

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          2. Paul: I’ve given up on sniping you. You’re offended by everything, and I have better things to do with my time.


          3. @Jimroberts2008

            Since it was me who posted this article and you referred to “you” in your question, I thought you were addressing me. I tried to provide a serious response in spite of the pretty obvious sniping content about big words.


    3. @Jimroberts2008
      Such accusations are more or less credible for a variety reasons. Use of big words is not one of them. What IS a factor is the apparent character of the person accused. For example, I personally would be far more inclined to believe such allegations if the accused was Donald Trump was his long history of and public bragging about such conduct.

      With respect to Kavanaugh, the GOP asserted that the standard ought to be similar to a trial – he did it beyond a reasonable doubt. This piece provides plenty of reasonable doubt. Personally, I can readily believe that Joe Biden’s touchy interpersonal behavior 27 years ago creeped her out. That was essentially her first story. The second story that came later about an egregious sexual assault I find far less believable.

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  1. Well, that piece by a former prosecutor was pretty detailed and documented. The jury may be out, but as a judge I would dismiss the charges and order counseling for the plaintiff


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  2. Well, there is a difference between the Ford and Reade accusations. Ford had no detail and all of her witnesses said they had no idea what she was talking about. Reade has at least 3 corroborating witnesses and plenty of detail. So why aren’t democrats anxious to hold a public Senate hearing? Pelosi? Pelosi? Double standard?


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