20 thoughts on “Just say No.

  1. On the issue of lying for personal gain at the expense of other people’s lives here a very detailed breakdown of a couple of idiots MDs in Cali that has been used to further confuse the populous and enable the assholes who take advantage of the cult.


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    1. And yes, I know this was brought up before, but this breakdown clearly demonstrates how misled/uinformed some people are and to what lengths they will go to defend stupid…

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      1. RE: “Mr Roberts, you should read it.”

        What do you think I should learn from the critique? My beef with the original video was that YouTube should not have banned it. I’m in favor of people, including doctors, sharing their views. I don’t support the idea that anyone has to know Truth with a capital “t” to be heard.

        As for the critique itself, I’m happy to see it. It strikes me as a bit heavy-handed, even over the top, but not worthless.


        1. @Roberts

          What you should learn is that there were very good reasons to remove this dangerous material and that maybe your first reaction was off the mark. Expressing opinions is one thing. Removing outright falsehoods – and dangerous ones at that – is entirely appropriate for any publishing company. In fact it is the responsible thing to do.

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  2. Of course, Hannity would say he wanted them to start reporting truthfully. But cool. like the NYT dig in its heels.

    I’m sure it will be a much better newspaper under Hannity’s ownership. 🙂


    1. Nice to know you have a sense of humor.

      The Old Grey Lady ain’t digging in her heels. She’s laugh her ass off at the buffoonery that is Hannity.

      Hannity’s suit will be tossed before a single bit of testimony will be heard. He stepped on his dick, got called for it, and now he wants to defend his missteps. The judge will have to stop laughing to say “dismissed”.

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    2. They made up his quotes?

      The opinions of the paper are opinions of the paper. In these cases, they were on the money.

      If Hannity were held to the standards his lawyer demanded, he’d be broke.

      “There’s an MIT guy I noticed on Twitter, and you know he’s saying pretty much the same thing he does research nearly every single day on immune systems he said quote ‘coronavirus fear-mongering by the deep state will go down in history as one of the biggest frauds to manipulate economies, suppress dissent, and push mandated medicines,’” Hannity said, adding, “May be true.”

      That was March 11. We had 38 deaths and about 1000 cases. A few days later, a Trump panicked. “OMG, we have a pandemic. Man the pumps”. So the regime propaganda machine took a break and recalibrated their BS.

      Trouble was the “deep state” apparently misfired. Like Pompeo who couldn’t find a Ukraine on a map without help from an NPR reporter, they mistook Italy for NY (to many pizzerias?) which had 400 deaths and 10,000 cases. And it is 5000 miles from Wuhan. Can you spell “pandemic”. After all, Trump knew all along. He and FOX were just joshin’.

      What makes Hannity’s case so egregious is that he is an “advisor” to Trump. So, like Trump, he sues. Maybe he even asked “who’s the judge”.

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      1. Maybe he even asked “who’s the judge”.

        Well, he should, if their lineage shows any anti-Irish genes it would be grounds for appeal and Barr would probably find a reason to have Federal attorneys help out…..

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        1. You may already know this. Roy Cohn, Fred Trumps lawyer and young Donald’s mentor advocated suing everyone over everything. Even if they were in the wrong. Running up legal fees was the point, of course.

          But when the did sue, or countersue, Cohn would ask “who’s the judge” to determine both venue changes to a friendlier court or whether the judge was in Fred’s pocket.

          Lovely lineage we picked to be the president of the “shining light on the hill”.

          Makes Joey Gallo look like either Ernst or Julio Gallo.

          Or Joey Callo from “My Cousin Vinny”.

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    3. @Tabor

      So, you are predicting that Hannity will continue this frivolous lawsuit and, in fact, will win a substantial settlement?

      If so, maybe you should refrain from opining on legal matters. It is pretty basic to know that sad little public figures can whinge and whine but the fact is that they have virtually no legal recourse when people say mean things about them.

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        1. @Tabor


          Thanks for the excellent example of how your view of the world has been badly skewed by living in a right wing bubble of “alternative facts “and watching too much of Trump’s bloviating.

          In actual fact the NYT Company has been thriving and is worth many billions of dollars. It is a publicly traded company with today’s market capitalization at $5.2 Billion. Here is a story from last year about just how very well it is doing.


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          1. I think Don was pulling your leg.

            Even a Libertarian has a sense of humor.

            True Don?

            I had no idea NYT was that flush.

            Maybe Trump is not fibbin’ when he says he’s rescued the media by his coverage.

            Do you think Trump is part of “Deep Media”?

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          2. @Len

            A joke? Maybe. I thought he was serious about the NYT being in trouble. After all, how many times has Trump referred to it as the “failing New York Times?” Frequently. And if Trump is nothing else, he is very good at gas lighting. Especially in the minds of an audience eager to buy “alternative facts.”

            If it was a joke, then it falls completely flat. Humor needs an element of truth behind an exaggeration. If our wives did not nag us some, jokes about nagging wives would not get a laugh.

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