I did not know that COVID 19 came from Mexico.


I thought it came in from China and Italy.

Up until the end of February, our own Commerce Dept., headed by Wilbur Ross, was sending out information to American manufacturers helping, and encouraging, them to export PPE’S by the ton to China. That was right about the time when new cases and deaths were popping up in Europe. That’s about 5,000 miles from Wuhan. And about 2 weeks before Trump suddenly announced “Houston, we have a problem”.

True, we have outsourced Pharma supplies, raw drug ingredients in the name of profitability for American companies. So bringing back some of that is not a bad idea. It’s not like China or India have not sent us supplies and drugs, however.

However, the White House message has to be to blame past policy mistakes and Mexicans. Oh, throw in China, WHO, my dear departed kin folks…

Kushner’s job is secure. Toadying and Nepotism are better than brilliance in employment.


11 thoughts on “I did not know that COVID 19 came from Mexico.

        1. They are all under our control. How tough should it be to travel in and out of the US?

          Honestly, “border security” has been the rallying cry and dog whistle” for Trump’s base. And that is all about the Southern Border.

          We can’t make us an island. We’d go broke. Global trade and travel is here to stay. So is immigrant labor unless you want to pick tomatoes or slaughter chickens at 1 per minute.

          This virus will be a speed bump, albeit a big one, for the world. But no point in starting wars too. Which is what will happen if trade and travel stops.

          You know the quote. You introduced me to a decade ago.

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          1. I didn’t say close the borders, I said control.

            When we decide to stop travel from China, or Ethiopia or Tahiti it should stop, regardless of intermediate travel.


          2. Nearly all of those were American citizens coming home. You really can’t stop that.

            Most were quarantined at home, though it appears some did not comply.


    1. Well what border security was he talking about? We should shut down all airports?

      When the regime talks about border security they have never mentioned Swissair from a Geneva. Try the wall.

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      1. Or Aer Lingus from Dublin. Or El Al from Tel Aviv. Or KLM out of Stockholm.
        Or Quantas out of Sydney. Gotta keep the Irish, the Jews, the Swedes (Sorry, Len), and the Aussies out.

        Good gravy! It’s 1890 all over again.

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        1. Stevie Miller, the advisor who resembles Goebbels, might let in all Scandinavians. The problem is they really prefer not to come here. Too “Third Worldy” for them.

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  1. Talk about twisting common sense into a pretzel. Why take a perfectly reasonable statement and try to claim it’s flawed?


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